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Iva, Accountant in Zagreb
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Iva has a unique wealth of experience in the inner workings of the tax administration in Croatia for 13 years. More recently she has worked as a consultant providing expert tax guidance to international businesses and individuals alike. She speaks English fluently.

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Client testimonials

"Miguel has been excellent - really quick to respond and helpful."

Neil Tetley (Jun, 27 2022)
Client testimonials

"I have been really happy with the service I have received from Miguel. His advice on tax issues and completion of my tax demands has been excellent. I would definitely recommend using his services."

Clive Lloyd (May, 13 2022)
Client testimonials

"I am very happy with the help and service I have been receiving from Miguel regarding my tax information and setting up my freelancer documents. I definitely recommend his services!"

Richard Adamczyk (May, 13 2022)
Client testimonials

"My accountant is excellent and has consistently provided quality service to me since i became self-employed several years back."

David Cooney (Oct, 12 2021)
Client testimonials

"Our accountant is a great advisor, responsive and professional. He worked hard to help me get registered professionally and continues to do a great job."

Hannah Longman (Oct, 12 2021)
Client testimonials

"I have used Advocate Abroad Tax Services since moving to Europe and our accountant is very polite and professional....I fully trust him to provide me with a comprehensive and professional advice."

Barry Palmer (Oct, 12 2021)
Client testimonials

"We have been working with Advocate Abroad for a few years now and we are happy with our choice. They are professional and always explain any questions we have. Highly recommend!"

Julia K (Oct, 12 2021)
Client testimonials

"Needed help with a legal question about my business and Inma was just what I needed. Trustworthy, informed and keen to help."

Chris Hobbs (Mar, 08 2018)

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