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NIE Express

Who is this Service for?

Anyone who needs to arrange an NIE number in Spain fast!

You will need an NIE number in Spain for a host of reasons: for buying or inheriting property, setting-up a business, payment of taxes etc., you will often need to get this arranged quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

Unfortunately, the NIE service is run by the Spanish National Police or the diplomatic services and this is usually a slow process, taking weeks/months to arrange. This can mean expensive delays for those who urgently need to address business or personal matters.

What does this service consist of?

  • Initial phone or office consultation to answer your questions about the service
  • Dual language power of attorney provided to you for use in a local notary wherever you are located which can then be sent directly to our lawyers
  • Once the paperwork arrives, together with payment for the service, your NIE number(s) will be ready within 72 hours!
  • Cover against loss or damage caused by an insured event for your investment property


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