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Spanish bank procedures and mortgage products are different to those in other countries.
Due to our long-standing relationships with the lenders, we offer expert guidance on the process of applying for a mortgage and exclusive conditions with rates not offered publicly from Euribor + 1.35%, fixed rates from 2.15%, mortgages without life insurance, and terms up to 25 years or age 75 if earlier.

Most Popular Products

Construction Mortgages

For this type of mortgage, the best products are where the banks will offer a loan against the plot of land (up to 50% of the cost, or value of lower) and also for the construction works (up to 70% of the cost, or value of the project, if lower).
We have arranged many construction mortgages over the years and can offer expert guidance on the process. If you are interested in this type of mortgage, we would advise that you contact us as soon as possible.

Holiday Home Mortgages

Holiday home mortgages are generally for non-resident property buyers who do not live in Spain The maximum borrowing amount is up to 70% of the property purchase price (or valuation if lower).
We can currently offer mortgages with rates as low as annual Euribor + 1.35% or fixed rates from 2% for premium, non-resident clients (please enquire to see if you would qualify). Typically, for other clients, the rates will be a little higher than this (from Euribor + 1.9% and 2.15% fixed) but still lower than publicised rates or if you go directly to the banks.

Primary Residence Mortgages

Primary residence mortgages are for those where the property in Spain will be their main residence and they already pay their income tax here, or in exceptional cases are about to start paying taxes here. For this type of mortgage, it is possible to secure mortgages up to 80% of the property purchase price with rates from Euribor + 0.99% or fixed rates from 2.05%.

Investment Mortgages

Investment mortgages are for those property buyers planning to rent out their property after purchase, or where the buyer already has at least one existing mortgage in Spain.
We have provided alternative finance solutions for property buyers who may have a sophisticated investment portfolio. We can help put together back-to-back loan arrangements secured against listed investments. This can be where the lender takes over as custodian, or where a guarantee is provided by the existing custodian of the assets.

Commercial Mortgages

If you are buying a property that banks will class as a commercial premises (offices, shops, hotels, B&Bs etc.), we can offer mortgages to suit your purposes. The mortgages available are generally 50-60% of the purchase price (or valuation if lower) and conditions differ from those for residential properties.
Some banks will allow you to purchase through a newly formed Spanish limited company (Sociedad Limitada or “SL” company). If the company is set up as a shell company for the sole purpose of buying the property, meaning it will not actively trade after the purchase, it can be possible to secure mortgage terms that would apply for a residential mortgage.

To speak with a consultant who can guide you as to the most appropriate mortgage for you and the best rates currently available, please click on "Free Affordability Check" below.

Katherine is a 30 year veteran of the UK & Spanish mortgage industries:

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