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Wills, Testaments & Funeral Plans

Wills, Testaments & Funeral Plans

Simple, straightforward and effective.

Wills, Testaments & Funeral Plans

Will Drafting Service

Why Make a Will?

New rules from the European Union - Regulation (EU) Nº 650/2012 of the European Parliament and of the council of 4th July 2012 - stipulate that, in the absence of an express indication in the form of a valid Will, the rules that apply to a deceased’s estate are the rules of the country in which they were habitually resident.
For many this could mean being forced to apply strict rules of inheritance that exist foreign countries unless a Will is drafted in a suitable format.

Who is this Service for?

For anyone who wishes to control the manner in which their estate is distributed under their own laws rather than the laws of the State where their assets are located.

What does this service consist of?

Our experienced English-speaking lawyers will discuss with you all aspects of how you wish to dispose of your estate, ensuring:

  • The Will is drafted in both English and local language to ensure conformity with clients’ intentions
  • The Will is drawn-up in the office of a conveniently located public notary.
  • Assistance at the signing of the
  • Will
    Receive an official copy of the Last Will and Testament

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Funeral Plans

Why consider a Funeral Plan?

By planning in advance, you will help to remove the emotional burden and some of the financial worry from your next of kin at a time in their lives when they are least able to cope.

Planning for your funeral now means you can fix the complete cost of your Cremation funeral in advance (FD Professional fees, Cremation fees and Ministers fees are guaranteed), no matter how far in the future death occurs. If burial is your funeral choice, your plan will guarantee the cost of the funeral director and pay a contribution towards the cost of cemetery and burial fees.

Repatriation of your body to any country from the UK if you require your Funeral to be conducted elsewhere in the world. Repatriation can be a part of your funeral planning agreed in advance.

A Personal Service

In addition we can help you personalise your funeral to give you the send-off you’d like. To create a bespoke funeral choose either our Platinum or Gold plans and then call our team who will be happy to help with advice on any additions you’d like.

Our team will do their best to accommodate any additions that you require and will be able to advise on additional costs. Also whether your requests can be added now as part of the payment plan or whether it’s a request to add to your file, which has to be paid for when the time comes.

Our team is used to a variety of requests but we are typically asked to provide additions such as:

  • Doves
  • Horse and Carriage (replaces the hearse)
  • Extra limos or extra hearse to carry flowers
  • Tractor hearses
  • Bespoke coffin
  • Alternative service location
  • Bagpipers
  • Fireworks

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