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  • Anna Labianca
    Ana graduated in architecture at the University College of Dublin in 1999. After three years of work experience in Ireland she moved to Barcelona where, over the last 15 years, she has specialized in Store design and Construction project management in the Retail sector.

Professional Details

Anna and her team specialise in helping retail businesses to establish and develop their local presence in the Barcelona area. There are essentially five separate areas in which Anna can provide expertise to ensure the best possible launch of your firm’s new venture in Barcelona:

Our Services



  • Glasses Store
  • Desigual Italy
  • Lavazza Barcelona
  • Dublin Airport

Glasses Store

Proof that design can make a difference! This small opticians store was transformed and as a result, saw it’s sales double!

Desigual Italy

The retail park just gave us an empty shell and we transformed it into a Desigual store. We followed the concept design guidelines of the brand and supervised the works liaising with the shopping centre authorities and with the local authorities to ensure planning regularities were adhered to.

Lavazza Barcelona

Previously, there had been an abandoned corner and a neglected coffee shop in a passageway in the La Illa Shopping centre in Barcelona. We transformed these areas into an exhibition space and a walk through experience of coffee.

Dublin Airport

We designed and supervised the construction of this Le Labo stand and many others in airports and in high end department stores, helping this new exclusive American fragrance brand chart it’s course in the European and worldwide market.

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