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Things to Consider When Buying Land in France

One of the major attractions of rural life in France is its rich culture and heritage, as well as its farming tradition. The countryside has always been a magnet for people living in Paris and other urban centres in France. It is increasingly so too for expats and foreign investors. Many people are now buying land in France in o... Read More

Moving to Italy after Brexit

Now that Brexit has come and gone, the process for British citizens considering moving to Italy has become more arduous and complex. The process faced by British citizens is currently the same as for other non-EU citizens.While no doubt the process is more complex, there still remain viable for those who, despite the obstacles p... Read More

Employment Law Turkey

Under Turkish law, employees are in entitled to certain rights in case of termination of their employment. This article will examine severance and notice pay.Employment Law Turkey - Severance PaySeverance pay is the type of compensation that the employer is obliged to pay, taking into account the severance and wage of the employ... Read More

Selling Property in Turkey

If you have a property in Turkey that you wish to sell, there are a number of important considerations to take into account. For example, at which stages do you have to be present? Or, can you sell your property via proxy/power of attorney? Once you have agreed on a price with the buyer and agreed on the terms and conditions of... Read More

Power of Attorney in Greece

In many cases under Greek law, especially real estate law, the lawyer is authorized to act for the client under the condition that the client has given him/her such power through a Power of Attorney. This is particularly relevant in a property purchase, as the lawyer can sign on the behalf of the client and represent them in the... Read More

Property Law in France

For adverse possession to be successful under French Law, there must be unequivocal possession. The below legal matters were considered by the Court of Cassation (High Court) in a recent decision (Cass. 3ème Civ. 10th of September 2020, n°18-23.448). There is a basic principle in French law, according to which, ownership is t... Read More

Turkish Marriage Certificates

Turkish Marriage Certificates are issued as international and official multilingual documents that include the identity information of spouses and children (If they have any) that make up a family and proves the nationality of the persons listed in the certificate. This certificate is called the “International Marriage Certifi... Read More

Buying Property in Portugal as a Foreigner

As a percentage of the population, Portugal has an unusually high number of homeowners, standing at about 75% of the population. This is about 10% higher than the US and the UK. A large number of foreigners already live in Portugal.  Some are expat professionals, some are retirees, while others are digital nomads. Many of them ... Read More

Greek Citizenship by Investment

Greek citizenship acquisition, as in most countries, is a strictly rule-based procedure, where there are very specific qualifications and specifications that must be met by the applicant, for the application to be approved. With an easy research online, one will find all that there is to know regarding children that have at lea... Read More

Corporate Tax Rates in Greece

After the end of the economic crisis in Greece, the Greek Government has recently decreased the corporate tax rated in order to give more incentives to foreign persons and legal entities to invest in the country. More specifically, on 12th December 2019, the new tax bill, which introduces several amendments to the Income Tax ... Read More

VAT Registration Italy

In order to perform a commercial or professional activity in Italy that is not merely temporary, you need to register for the purposes of VAT (IVA in Italian). In order to trade you need to have a VAT number. In order to get it, you may apply at the tax office or have an accountant request it for you. Once you have a VAT numb... Read More

Buying Land in Turkey

For the purposes of Turkish law - and similar to other jurisdictions - there are two main categories of land:Agricultural landZoned landWhat are the required documents to purchase land in Turkey?To be able to buy land in Turkey for investment or other purposes, you need to arrange the documentation listed below;A notarized trans... Read More

Employment Law in Portugal

The Portuguese employment law model is very similar to most European countries: there are 40 hours per week segmented into 5 days of 8 hours work, with some exceptions provided by the Portuguese Labour Code (CT). As in most countries, there is a minimum wage in the country, which guarantees workers the minimum to live on. As an... Read More

Pitfalls buying Property in Portugal

If you are interested in buying property in Portugal, you should be aware that some issues could potentially arise, which we detail below:   Who owns the property to be sold? First, you must find out if the owners of the property are the real owners and that the property has no debts or else you could find yourself respons... Read More

Greek Property Law

Before acquiring property in Greece, it is crucial to check the permitted uses; that is to say, the limited purposes for which the property may legally be used. Permitted Usage It is not uncommon for buyers to be interested in properties advertised as residences only to later find out that those properties could be only used a... Read More

Selling Property in Greece

Unlike the buyer, the seller is burdened with collecting the majority of the documents and certificates required for the transfer. The process for selling Property in Greece is exactly the same for all property sellers, Greeks and foreigners. This process can be stressful as - unlike the buyer- the seller is burdened with colle... Read More

Sell Property In Turkey

Foreign individuals or companies who own real estate in Turkey may rent, sell or establish charges on the relevant property.It is possible to make a transaction regarding the sale with two basic contracts which are sales contracts and real estate sales promise contracts. According to Turkish Law, the sale of real estate can be c... Read More

Property Tax in Portugal

Take into account Property Tax in Portugal if you are thinking about buying a House or a Land there, it is important to understand the costs involved - including government taxes. The first step before buying a property is to get a NIF  (Portuguese Fiscal Identifier Number) to be able to sign the public deed and to facilita... Read More


IRPEF is personal income tax in Italy. It is paid by both employees and the self-employed. Employees have it deducted from their wage-packets by their employer, while self-employed need to pay it after submitting their annual tax return. It is payable on different types of income, for example on rental income or occasional wo... Read More

Turkish Family Law

An important aspect of Turkish family law is that of child support and the maintenance that a parent may be required to provide to maintain any children of the marriage. Below you will find some useful information detailing how Turkish law manage the concept of child support where marriages break down.What does child support in ... Read More