Business Services updates in Turkey

Data Protection Laws in Turkey

Data controllers –all foreign firms and individuals, who are processing personal data in Turkey, must comply with the data protection regulations regardless of whether they reside in and outside of Turkey. Very few data controllers are aware that they may be held liable for not complying with those rules. As part of the compli... Read More

Company Registration In Turkey

Company Registration In TurkeyTurkey is a free market economy and foreign, real or legal persons can establish companies and take part in commercial activity here.From 1954 to 2003, foreigners or Turkish citizens living abroad could establish company under the scope of the Foreign Capital Incentive Code dated 18/1/1954 and numbe... Read More

Company Formation in Turkey

Anyone wishing to set-up a business in Turkey needs to adhere to the following rules and regulations:Submit the memorandum and articles of association online at MERSISMERSIS is a central information system for carrying out commercial registry processes and storing commercial registry data electronically. A unique number is given... Read More