Criminal Law updates in Spain

Spanish Alcohol Laws

What are the legal consequences of being caught driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Spain and what happens after being arrested? Especially when a criminal accusation could be made, there are certain details which are to be taken into account. Under Spanish alcohol laws, Criminal proceedings may follow in two cas... Read More

Alcohol Limit Spain

Driving under the influence of alcohol – or drugs and other toxic substances- has administrative consequences, and it could also constitute a criminal offence in certain cases.Alcohol Limit Spain: breathalyzer testIf the results obtained from the breathalyser test exceed 0.25 milligrams per litre (0.15 for professional drivers... Read More

Penalties for Assault in Spain

It is interesting to learn about penalties for Assault in Spain, but in order to fully understand this area of the Criminal Law in Spain, let's start at the beginning:What is assault in Spanish law?Under the Spanish Penal Code, the offence of assault is committed when anyone causes to another an injury that impairs their bodily ... Read More

Extradition Spain

 It is possible to be arrested in Spain, not because of local problems with the Spanish justice system but due to requests from other countries. It is for example quite common for British nationals who have left the UK because of problems with the law to be arrested in Spain at the request of the British authorities. Addition... Read More

Arrested in Spain? What happens next?

Giving a Statement if Arrested in SpainHave you experienced the situation of being informed that your son/brother (or any other close relative) has been arrested in Spain?  This situation could be very distressing for different reasons:The main one, you do not understand the language.Your close relative / the person who contact... Read More

Types of Criminal Proceedings in Spain: Juicio Rápido and Procedimiento Abreviado

Juicios rápidos (fast trials) are proceedings that seek to accelerate the judicial process and work of the courts in certain types of criminal proceedings, in certain specific circumstances. Juicio Rápido A fast trial (juicio rápido) can be completed in only a few hours in special courts known as ‘Juzgados de Guardia’... Read More

Drink Driving in Spain: Margins of Error in Breathalyser Tests

Punishments available to the CourtsArticle 379.2 of the Spanish Criminal Code states that anyone who drives a motor vehicle under the influence of toxic drugs, narcotics, psychotropic substances or alcoholic drinks shall be punished with a sentence of imprisonment for a period of between three to six months or with a fine for si... Read More

Companies Liabilities for Employees' Criminal Actions in Spain

Following fundamental reforms carried out in 2010 and 2015, the Spanish Penal Code now attaches criminal liability to companies and other ‘legal persons’ for certain crimes committed either by its representatives or it’s employees.By this it is meant that, in such cases, the company can be investigated, subject to precauti... Read More

New Spanish Criminal Code

Although the new Spanish criminal code that is entering into force on July 1st 2015 dedicates most of its new Articles to internal issues, such as illegal financing of political parties, criminal actions during strikes and demonstrations, or the imposition of life sentences for very serious crimes or terrorist attacks, some of t... Read More