Property Law updates in Cyprus

Buying property abroad in the era of higher interest rates

With the increase in globalisation and more people travelling than ever before, buying property abroad has become an increasingly popular option. International Property organisations have reported a steady rise in overseas property purchases over the past decade.This surge in popularity has been driven by factors such as lower i... Read More

Buying Property in Cyprus big Problems to be avoided

It is easy to get carried-away with enthusiasm when embarking on a mission to acquire a property in Cyprus. The balmy Mediterranean climate, open-air dining, historic old towns and holiday atmosphere can create a heady mix that would induce a large number of typically careful – perhaps even cynical – individuals to act impru... Read More

Buying Property in Cyprus: the how-to Legal Guide

Welcome to the Advocate Abroad® guide to purchasing a property in Cyprus! This property guide will give you an overview of the conveyancing process in Cyprus, including information on both your and the seller's legal rights and obligations as well as pitfalls to avoid. Of course, no guide can take the place of independent lega... Read More