Selling a Property in Spain


Avoid Problems When Selling a property in Spain

Selling a property in Spain is no easy task these days.

However, once you manage to find a buyer who is willing – and able – to buy your property, it is important to have a professional and experienced lawyer who can ensure that the transaction takes place swiftly and smoothly.

A registered local lawyer will assist you when communicating with the legal representatives of the buyer – who may or may not speak English.

Your lawyer will also scrutinise any existing contract for the transfer of the property to ensure that the terms are not disadvantageous to you.

Your lawyer should also provide you with information and assistance in complying with any tax or legal requirements so that you comply with all Spanish laws.

A lawyer will therefore not only protect your interests but will also facilitate smooth and efficient negotiations with the buyer. This can mean the difference between a successful or unsuccessful transaction.

As a bonus, you may be able to claim back up to 3% of the purchase price. This is because, if you are a non-resident property owner, the buyer must withhold 3% of the purchase price and pay it directly to the Spanish tax office. The vendor (or more likely the vendor’s legal representatives) may then apply for the return of this withholding tax – an application that will be approved if all corresponding taxes have been paid on the property during ownership.

 Selling Property in Spain Service Features

When you contact Advocate Abroad® you will receive the following assistance from your English-speaking solicitor:

  • Review of the title deeds to ensure that all documentation is in order
  • Drafting of the sale-purchase contract
  • Assistance with communication with the legal representatives of the buyer
  • Attendance at the office of the notary for the signing
  • Liason with the Notary to ensure all necessary information is provided
  • Handling payment of the purchase monies to you
  • Handle the payment of required taxes upon a successful sale
  • Make application for return of 3% withholding taxes


Our Guarantee – No Hidden Charges

Although you benefit from having a lawyer specifically chosen for you i.e. an English-speaking lawyer with a great deal of experience in their field, there is no extra or elevated charge for the privilege.

You will receive an upfront quotation that spells out specifically the legal services that you will receive and the exact fees to be paid.


Competitive Fees

Advocate Abroad® ensures that our lawyers’ quotations are within the limits of the recommended guideline prices of the relevant Law Society – and often well below.

You are guaranteed to receive a highly competitive quotation.


Services Focused on Non-Residents

Unlike others, our main focus is on non-residents which means that we understand that you have specific and unique requirements – such as arranging translations of official documents and often require powers of attorney to avoid too much travel.

We are therefore always ready to provide additional assistance where required to ensure that your situation is handled as smoothly as possible.


Free Additional Services

Furthermore, by choosing a lawyer recommended by Advocate Abroad® you will benefit from additional peace of mind afforded by our innovative support services that are included free of charge.

  • These support services include:
  • Documentation detailing regulatory status of your lawyer.
  • Fees within guidelines established by Law Societies
  • Legal fees specified in advance and legally guaranteed.
  •  Services levels agreed in advance and guaranteed.
  • All lawyers must hold professional indemnity insurance.
  •   Lawyers’ standard of English checked.
  •  Continuous quality controls and reviews.

Use the lawyer locator map to find a local regulated property lawyer in Spain who offers this service.


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