Dealing with a leased property when separating from partner

Dealing with a leased property when separating from partner: discover what only the top, expert family lawyer in Spain know about dealing with a leased property when separating from partner

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Q. I am splitting-up with my partner and I am wondering about the lease on our apartment. The lease is currently in my name. Who has rights to the apartment? If there is a child involved am I responsible for continuing to pay the lease?

A. The lease states that it will last for 1 year but as a tenant, and according to the law, you have the right to extend it for another 4 years. This is a right, not a duty, so you could inform the owner via burofax that you no longer would like to continue with the contract.

This has to be done 30 days before the first lease period expires.

The problem here is that your ex partner and your child are still living in the flat so they would need to search for another home before leaving the apartment. It is obvious that you will not continue to pay for the rent and the utility bills if you no longer live there. Another option would be to finish the current lease and make a new one in your partner’s name but the owner would need to agree to it.

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