Divorce in Romania

Divorce in Romania: discover what only the top, expert family lawyer in Romania know about divorce in romania

If you wish to start divorce proceedings in Romania, either you must have got married in Romania or had your marriage certificate recognized in Romania

Two options are available depending on the relationship between the spouses – if they agree or not with the dissolution of the marriage.

  1. If they agree with the dissolution of the marriage, the procedure is very simple and it can be completed in 30 days
  2. If they do not agree, we must go to Court to settle all the details.

The agreement of the two parties is more than enough to get a divorce decree in. It could be achieved with a help of a notary public where both parties should be present. You need to have the appropriate documents with you when you decide to terminate the marriage and we will come with you to the notary public to assist you.

In cases where the spouses do not agree with the dissolution of the marriage, the reasons for the divorce or its terms, the judicial process is the only way in which the marriage can be dissolved. In this case you do not have to be present in Court, you need only give a Power of Attorney (legalised) to a locally registered and regulated lawyer and they will do all the work for you.

Please be advised that the judicial procedure could take some time (not less than 6 – 12 months) if there are no children involved or if there are any marital assets to be shared between the spouses.

If you are currently married to a Romanian citizen, and have left Romania, you may file for divorce in Romania though you would need to appear personally or, by hiring a lawyer, you can have your lawyer represent you throughout the process, without the need to attend Court personally.

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