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Express Divorce Service in Spain

Advocate Abroad’s network of family solicitors can provide you with an express divorce service across the Spanish mainland and islands.

The network is composed of independent English-speaking lawyers that have plenty of experience in dealing with family law issues, particularly those that involve clients not from Spain.

The lawyers have been specifically invited to join the network because of their experience, their level of English and because they are competitively priced. Moreover the lawyers are competitively priced when compared to standard prices charged to Spanish clients for the same services.

Each lawyer will provide a quotation in advance, which we would invite you to compare with other service providers. Of course the independent lawyers on our network are not only competitively priced but in addition offer legal service in English.

What services will your lawyer offer?

Your lawyer will be able to offer any of the following services as required:

  • Preparation of the Convenio or Divorce Agreement
  • Filing of the relevant documentation with the court
  • Advice and assistance throughout the process
  • Remote assistance where a spouse is unable to attend
  • Transfer of title where assets are assigned

What issues will your lawyer address?

  • Your lawyer will be able to provide you with advice on the express divorce process itself as well as the legal options that exist and their implications.
  • Your lawyer will typically invite you to discuss your preferred outcome and will then work with both spouses to draw-up the agreement necessary to reflect this.


While the Law Societies across Spain were once able to control the cost of legal services by establishing permitted tariffs, a landmark court case has since ruled that this is not constitutional.

Accordingly, it is now permissible for lawyers in Spain to quote as much (or as little) as they wish for legal services. This has resulted in a wide disparity in the quotations made for the same service – often by more than 100%.

In order to ensure that our clients always receive competitively priced quotations, Advocate Abroad invites on to it’s network only those lawyers who continue to adhere to the pricing recommendations of the Spanish Law Societies.

Furthermore, each client can obtain a written agreement to that effect as well as receiving a legally binding quotation (see free innovative support services below).

These support services include:

  1. Documentation showing that your lawyer is registered and regulated by the relevant Law Society in Spain.
  2. Fees set within the parameters established by the relevant Law Society in Spain.
  3. Legal fees specified in advance and legally guaranteed not to change.
  4. Services to be provided shall be stated clearly in advance and legally guaranteed to be carried-out in accordance with the terms of the service agreement.
  5. The reassurance gained by knowing that all lawyers on the network hold professional indemnity insurance.
  6. Individual reviews by myAdvcocate Spain of standards of lawyers’ spoken and written English.
  7. Continuous quality controls and reviews.

How to contact Advocate Abroad

Arranging legal services via Advocate Abroad couldn’t be easier. Simply contact us today by telephone, Skype, email or instant chat.

What happens then?

  1. We will take your details and pass them to a local lawyer who is expert in the relevant area of the law.
  2. Your lawyer will contact you to discuss your case and the options available to you – at no cost to you.
  3. If you decide to go ahead, Advocate Abroad will ensure you benefit from all of our unique free support services.