Spanish Court Taxes and Family Law Proceedings

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Recent changes have been made by the Spanish government regarding the application of the highly contentious Court taxes to family law proceedings. What are the changes and what costs do litigants now face?

The new taxes were originally brought in by the Judicial Taxes Act 2010 (as modified by Royal Decree 3/2013) whereby it became necessary for the first time for anyone initiating Court proceedings in Spain to pay a tax. The tax had a fixed and variable element, with the fixed being limited between 200€ and 1200€ for individuals with the variable set at 0.5% of the value of the matter under dispute up to 1 Million Euros and 0.25% thereafter.


Reaction to the Tax

The new taxes were roundly condemned by the legal establishment as effectively denying justice to the poor. The Government defended the tax saying that it would affect only 10% of all litigants since all criminal cases (accounting for 72% of all cases before the courts) were exempt as were those cases related to employment law taken by employees. In addition anyone who was eligible for free legal aid would also be exempt.

Furthermore, according to statistics released by the Judicial Authority, 75% of all cases appealed, failed. When appeals to the Supreme Court were included, this number rose to 90%. It was accordingly unacceptable for the State to fund so many cases that had little prospect of succeeding. In any case, the Government Minister responsible suggested, if the case was successful, the litigant would have any costs paid by the other party.

Anyone entitled to free legal aid (meaning anyone earning less than 14.000€ gross income per year) do not have to pay the taxes. This right is also extended to proceedings (in certain circumstances) seeking payment of unpaid bills amounting to less than 2.000€. Also exempt are those who have been subject to acts of terrorism or domestic violence from pursuing proceedings related to this classification.


Family Law Proceedings

The latest reforms to the court taxes were introduced earlier this year by Royal Decree 3/2013 – though these were subsequently changed once again only two months later i.e. the reforms were reformed! The variable part of the tax was reduced by 80% so now it is 0.1% for individuals and there is no limit to the amount that this percentage applies to. The maximum amount that is payable in the variable portion is reduced from 10.000€ to 2.000€. The fixed portion of the tax for Family Law proceedings in Spain are as follows:

  • Mutually agreed divorce: No tax is levied.
  • Contentious Divorce: 150€
  • Proceedings related to the guardianship of children or to paternity tests: No tax is levied
  • Proceedings seeking to enforce orders for child maintenance: No tax is levied.

In effect the variable part of the tax relating to contentious divorces is set at 18€ since, for most purposes, the value of the matter under dispute is considered to be 18.000€. Should either party not agree with the decision of the court, it will cost 800€ in Court taxes for the matter to be appealed to the Regional High Court and an additional 1.200€ should the matter arrive at the Supreme Court.


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In Spain 2.172.149 cases were registered during the first quarter of 2013. This amounts to a 5.4% fall in the number of cases compared to the same period in 2012.

In particular the division of the court dealing with Civil cases has been affected with an overall reduction of more than 13%, including a fall of more than 20% in the number of cases related to proceedings for unpaid bills. Also dramatically affected has been the division of the Court that deals with appeals against administrative decisions taken against the authorities, with  a drop of over 21% in the number of cases compared to same period last year.

While is has been suggested that this may be a result of the general slow-down in the economy, many believe that the taxes that have been introduced are having an impact. With more than 19 million Euros saved from this budget already in 2013 it is unlikely that the government are going to back down from it’s stated position that it is each individuals responsibility to at least part-fund legal proceedings in which they are the biggest beneficiaries.


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