Greek Citizenship by Investment

Greek Citizenship by Investment is a not so widely known way to apply for Greek citizenship: 250.000 euros make the difference!
Article Published: 10 Mar, 2021, Updated: 23 Apr, 2023 under Golden Visa

Greek citizenship acquisition, as in most countries, is a strictly rule-based procedure, where there are very specific qualifications and specifications that must be met by the applicant, for the application to be approved.

With an easy research online, one will find all that there is to know regarding children that have at least one Greek parent, children born in Greece, citizens of other countries that have a legal right of residence, political refugees etc., and many other narrow-listed categories that are entitled to apply for Greek citizenship. However, not so widely known is the right to Greek citizenship by investment.

According to the oft-revised Greek legal system, there is an option for citizens of other countries to legally apply for Greek citizenship, and gather all necessary documentation, by making an investment in Greece.

Said investment, must be of at least 250.000 euros, which ensures at first a five year residence permit, which can then be renewed through a simple application. Once the investor (or strategic investor) fulfills seven years of legal residence in Greece (of which he/she must prove a continued presence in the country for at least nine months per year), he/she are then considered fully qualified to undertake the national examination (held each year) regarding political, cultural, linguistic etc. fields, in order to prove the commitment and integration of the applicant to Greek life.

According to the most recent Law 4735/ΦΕΚ Α 197/12.10.2020, the applicant must prove sufficient knowledge of the Greek language, history, geography, culture and habits of the people, as well as the workings of the Greek political system and the religious principles. It is imperative that the applicant, during his/her long-term stay in Greece, has achieved a smooth integration in the economy of the country and the Greek society, by making Greece the centre of his/her (economical and other) activities.

An experienced lawyer can make this procedure much less onerous and fully inform, advise and guide you on how to navigate the rather tortuous Greek immigration process.

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