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Intellectual Property in Latvia

More than 82 million people in the European Union are employed in intellectual property-intensive industries. Although the protection of the rights of those involved in the creation of intellectual property is very important and essential for economic development, there is still a lack of public understanding of these rights and the need to protect them.

A large part of the public does not appreciate the importance of the contribution of intellectual property to the economy and believes that products made up of creative minds can be used without permission or without any payment. In particular, these violations have increased in the age of Internet use.

Such ignorance against one of the types of property (albeit intangible) is not justified, because without the protection of the rights of creative people (writers, composers, artists, etc.) it is not possible to create a harmonious and cultural society. On the other hand, without legal protection, the users of these works – performers, producers of sound recordings and films, radio and television organizations – cannot exist and develop normally.

Copyright rules have always followed technological developments, ensuring that protected works can be legally used. But is copyright, in its “classical” form and with its territorial limitations, still an appropriate remedy in today’s globalized digital environment? Does this tool provide sufficient protection for the many right-holders and sufficient access to the works for many users? Have appropriate techniques and methods been invented to satisfy society’s desire for information and desire for new types of intellectual work products?

These are questions that need to be answered in the existing copyright system, whether by making practical, administrative, procedural or amendments to laws and regulations, by seeking new non-traditional solutions, or by coming to new theoretical findings.

In this complex legal system, an adviser is often needed to help defend the rights of right-holders and to find the most appropriate ways to respect the public interest in access to information.

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