Visitation Rights of Non-Parents in Latvia

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Christopher Hobbs
Christopher Hobbs
06 Feb 2024

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Visitation Rights of Non-Parents

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Who Is This Service For?

  • Although going through a separation or divorce in [Country] is a stressful and difficult time, the situation can become even more complex where access to children is impacted as a result. 
  • Over the years the Family Law Courts in [Country] have begun to show a willingness to grant access to family members who, although they have no custody rights, are considered to have rights to visitation. 
  • This is a complex area of the law and requires an expert in the field to assist those who believe their rights to visitation to children following a divorce or separation are being unfairly and unlawfully restricted.
Who Is This Service For?

Useful Information

  • Interest of the Child: The primary consideration in determining visitation rights is the best interest of the child. The law ensures that any visitation arrangements foster the child's well-being and stability.
  • Procedures for Visitation Rights: In the absence of a mutual agreement between the parents regarding visitation, grandparents have the right to request a visitation schedule from the court. The court's decision will consider various factors, including the prior relationship between the grandparents and the child, the child's age, and the involvement of the grandparents in the divorce process.
  • Consideration of Circumstances: The court examines each case individually, taking into account specific circumstances that might affect the child's best interest. Factors like the physical and psychological well-being of the child, the existing bond before the divorce, and potential conflicts with parents can influence the court's decision.
  • European Perspective: The importance of grandparents' visitation rights has been recognized at the European level as well. The Court of Justice of the European Union has affirmed that the concept of 'right of visitation' should not be restricted only to parents but also extend to other family members like grandparents, as long as it is in the child's best interest.
  • Exceptions and Limitations: While the law generally supports maintaining the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren, there are instances where visitation might be restricted. These include situations where contact with the grandparents is not in the child's best interest, such as cases of conflict that could affect the child's stability or instances where the grandparents have not been a part of the child’s life for an extended period.
Useful Information

Process: Our Approach

  1. An initial discussion with a specialist lawyer to understand the current position
  2. Based on the initial information you provide, the lawyer will be able to determine your best legal options in the situation
  3. Representation in negotiations with the other parent
  4. Drafting of a binding agreement to ensure reasonable access is provided
  5. Representation in legal proceedings if an amicable agreement is not possible
Process: Our Approach

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