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      Rosa is an experienced and highly sought-after English-speaking lawyer who provides expert legal advice and assistance in the following legal areas: Property conveyances, Inheritance, Family law, Criminal law, Business set-up and Employment law.
      Cases completed: 397
      Testimonials for Rosa
      • Peter Morgan
        Peter Morgan, Mallorca

        Following our father's death, my brother and I asked Rosa to act for us and guide us through the Spanish probate legal process. There were several obstacles and Rosa was always there for us, explaining what was required and liaising with professional bodies e.g. the notary, to ensure that everything was done in a timely manner.

        Rosa also helped us immeasurably when my father’s estate was sold. The pandemic meant that it was difficult for us to travel to complete the sale paperwork but to overcome this Rosa became our Power of Attorney and again liaised with professional bodies e.g. buyer’s solicitors, the notary. Her English is excellent and her patience is inexhaustible. Thank you Rosa.

        Dec 02, 2020
      • Matt Hardy
        Matt Hardy, Mallorca

        I thought Rosa was first class. Always helpful, always knowledgeable, and got the job done. I would highly recommend her.

        Also very nice to work with, easy to talk to with a great attitude.

        Nov 09, 2020
      • Rod Bellis
        Rod Bellis, Mallorca

        Rosa speaks perfect English. She always responded very quickly addressing the issues raised. She explained how the sale of our holiday home in Majorca would progress and was extremely professional.

        During my career I have worked alongside many well known and respected UK law firms. Rosa was their equal.

        She made the whole process seamless and stress free. She was a credit to your organisation. I rate her exceptional.

        Nov 03, 2020
      • Jessica Evans
        Jessica Evans, Mallorca

        Rosa was very clear & explained everything very clearly step by step a true professional a pleasure to deal with.

        Nov 03, 2020
      • ED
        Ed, Mallorca

        I wanted to write a Spanish Will and was unsure of how to go about it or who to contact. I found Rosa via the Internet, but I didn’t know what to expect. To my relief Rosa’s English language skills were excellent, and Rosa is also a really good listener, quickly identifying my concerns, and giving me clear answers that were delightfully uncluttered of jargon and lawyer-speak.

        Rosa organised everything, making the appointments and accompanying me to the appropriate offices needed to complete the task. I was very satisfied, and so I sought Rosa’s advice on other legal and business matters. This led me to discover that Rosa is very well connected, easily acting as a conduit to other professionals who work in different but related disciplines.

        And finally, Rosa gets tasks completed on time (not always the case in Spain!). A really good find and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

        Jul 29, 2020
      • Abbie Orsini
        Abbie Orsini, England

        Rosa responded efficiently I was extremely happy and satisfied with this !

        She explained everything I needed to know and more to help me understand. At the beginning I found the process daunting Rosa took this feeling way and helped me feel at ease.

        Paying was straight forward and I was well informed with fees etc. Rosa took a very professional approach and I felt comfortable approaching her about any issues I had.

        She is a credit to advocate abroad !!!!! Thank you for your help !!!!!!!!!❤️

        Jun 18, 2020
      • Josie Grant
        Josie Grant, Palma de Mallorca

        Rosa was extremely helpful, she couldn't have done more!

        Jun 09, 2020
      • Freida Maybury
        Freida Maybury, MA Divorce Service

        Rosa is always very pleasant and explains everything well . She is sympathetic and caring . If she can help she will and if she can’t she puts you in the right direction . She’s always on hand to answer questions.

        Mar 23, 2020
      • Karen Shillingford
        Karen Shillingford, Palma de Mallorca

        Rosa always responded to my emails without delay and was very generous with her advice. I would definitely recommend her to others.

        We were struggling to get an appointment for residency and Rosa managed to get us one the week before Brexit. To say we were relieved is an understatement! She supported us through the whole appointment and put my mind at rest on several occasions via email prior to the meeting.

        Feb 04, 2020
      • Gemma Pitt
        Gemma Pitt, Mallorca

        Our experience in using Rosa has been flawless. She has been incredibly responsive and helpful from day one.

        We couldn't be more happy with her service and we look forward to many more years of help and support!

        Feb 03, 2020
      • edward fila
        Edward Fila, Palma de Mallorca

        Rosa was very helpful. I will happily recommend her to friends.

        Dec 05, 2019
      • Stephen Brown
        Stephen Brown, Palma de Mallorca

        Great communication with Rosa and good advice around what can be a potentially complicated property market on Mallorca.

        I had no idea about the importance of a cedula de habitabilidad and how difficult it can be getting water and electricity connected with out one.

        Our experience of estate agents on the island is not great but thankfully Rosa has kept us right through out our property search and in obtaining our NIE numbers. We are very grateful for her help.

        Nov 13, 2019
      • Peter Neumann
        Peter Neumann, Mallorca

        Always very positive during the long process of becoming a Spanish citizen. I was on the verge of giving up sometimes but Rosa’s drive kept me going.always positive, helpful and friendly. She too has to cope with the frustrations of the ever changing systems and requirements of the system here .

        I am very happy with the service I received and therefore cannot suggest anything that would improve it. Thank you Rosa.🇪🇸👏

        Oct 29, 2019
      • Robert Stevenson
        Robert Stevenson, Palma de Mallorca

        Rosa is a very likable person, very competent and completely knowledgeable. We will definitely be in touch with her again as and when we need professional help in Mallorca.

        The service was first class and would be hard to improve!

        Oct 03, 2019
      • Luis Gonzalez Lunden
        Luis Gonzalez Lunden, Canada

        Rosa responded very promptly to our inquiry, grasped our needs immediately, and provided an excellent solution which was delivered seamlessly. Rosa thoroughly explained the intricacies of the local legal system, providing options and considerations.

        Overall Rosa provided outstanding service through a professional and mindful approach to our needs. We really enjoyed our interaction and it is without hesitation that we recommend her to future prospective clients. Thank you Rosa!

        Sep 21, 2019
      • Tim
        Tim, Mallorca

        I have recommended to a few friends who now use Rosa. Most profesional which is a rare in Spain. I honestly cannot think of any part of the service I would improve.

        Sep 13, 2019
      • Stefan Olivier
        Stefan Olivier, Ibiza

        Rosa was incredibly helpful and also patient with me. I would recommend her to anyone as she is incredibly professional and knows how to advise a distressed client brilliantly.

        Sep 07, 2019
      • Liam Laverty
        Liam Laverty, Palma de Mallorca

        Rosa was very attentive and efficient. Qualities that are hard to come by here in Mallorca.

        I will not hesitate to contact Rosa un the future if I need some assistance. I will also be recommending her to anybody that requires these kind of services.

        Aug 02, 2019
      • Joe Brent
        Joe Brent, Mallorca

        Rosa was excellent and went the extra mile.

        Jul 30, 2019
      • Keith Hodges
        Keith Hodges, Torrevieja

        Rosa is the consummate professional. Her responses to messages were always prompt and her advice was extremely helpful.

        Even when my ex wife employed a lawyer who really didn’t know what he was doing, she was very patient and logical. She provided an excellent service.

        She is the best advocate I have ever been associated with. I was a police officer for 30 years and have come into contact with many lawyers. She is amazing!

        Jul 25, 2019
      • Gian Piero Staffa
        Gian Piero Staffa, Antigua

        Rosa was extremely helpful in assisting me buying a house in Maiorca.

        The transaction was not without issues due mainly to spanish bureaucracy and Rosa handled all of them very professionally.

        Given language problems and distance from my residence I will never regret having chosen her as my Lawyer in Palma and I have already recommended here services to other prospective buyers.

        Jul 22, 2019
      • Clare Parlour
        Clare Parlour, Mallorca

        Initially I had a lot of communication but as time went on it was difficult to get prompt responses and I felt frustrated by the Spanish system and lack of understanding.

        It has now been transferred to the UK but this was done through the court and not the solicitor. it took 3 months for our file to turn up in the UK and I think that was more by luck.

        More regular communication especially as we didn't know the Spanish legal system.

        Jul 09, 2019
      • Xavier M W
        Xavier M W, Mallorca

        I highly recommend Rosa, she is very professional and thorough and her communication was superb throughout.

        Her English is also first class. Thank you for all your help.

        Jun 29, 2019
      • Ivanna Moore
        Ivanna Moore, Mallorca

        Very professional, honest and reliable person.

        I'm very grateful for dedication and support throughout the years!

        Jun 18, 2019
      • Robert Cunningham
        Robert Cunningham, Mallorca

        Rosa was absolutely first class. She made a very difficult time in our lives a lot easier and for that I could not be more grateful. Thank you Rosa

        May 20, 2019
      • Mareike Stobbe
        Mareike Stobbe, Girona

        Always reachable, knowledgeable and super service all around.

        Apr 26, 2019
      • Dane Beddall
        Dane Beddall, Palma de Mallorca

        Rosa was very professional and gave good advice, it was nice to meet such a nice lady.

        Apr 10, 2019
      • Franco Trio
        Franco Trio, United Kingdom

        Rosa always responded promptly to any email I sent.

        She kept me informed and provided alternatives and 3rd party services (translation).

        Thank you Rosa for your assistance, perseverance and honesty in helping my mum and I. We will definitely recommend you.

        Apr 10, 2019
      • Bryan Wilson
        Bryan Wilson, Mallorca

        Rosa has been an absolute Godsend and without her I would have struggled to set up my Mallorcan company.

        She has always delivered with any project that I have instructed her services on and I would highly recommend her.

        Apr 03, 2019
      • Nicholas Lee
        Nicholas Lee, Palma

        Very good. Made me feel very comfortable in a difficult situation and helped me resolve the issue in a calm, efficient and cost effective manner. Highly recommended.

        Feb 15, 2019
      • Rhys Keely
        Rhys Keely, Mallorca

        Rosa was very understanding and helpful in all matters. She explained everything and went above and beyond to assist.

        So lucky to have found her at a difficult time.

        Jan 29, 2019
      • Mark Potgieter
        Mark Potgieter, Palma

        Rosa was a great help!

        Jan 23, 2019
      • Mr Olsson
        Mr Olsson, Mallorca

        Rosa spoke English more or less fluently. Very satisfied with the service provided.

        Jan 07, 2019
      • Kevin
        Kevin, Hull, Yorkshire. UK

        Rosa gave 1st class service when we needed it with my previous company. She assisted us with our licenses, business bank accounts and legal matters.

        Rosa is a genuine, hard working, approachable professional advocate, who done more than I would have expected. I would definitely use Rosa again with any legal matters I require in Spain & Mallorca.

        Many thanks for the excellent service Rosa!

        Jan 07, 2019
      • Ian
        Ian, Mallorca

        Rosa is helpful and very easy to get on with. She knows many other people in the Mallorca property and legal sectors and I'd recommend her.

        Her English is very good and there were never any language problems on either side.

        Jan 07, 2019
      • Terry Mott (Mallorca)
        Terry Mott (Mallorca)

        Meeting and appointing Rosa was like a breath of fresh air. Having used several other lawyers in Palma de Mallorca without any success whatsoever, Rosa stepped in to a complicated case in its 7th year and turned it around almost overnight.

        Within months the ball was rolling again and she finalised the case where others had just given up. Rosa always responded to my emails and phone calls and was an absolute pleasure to deal with.

        I will not be using anyone else from now on.

        Jan 05, 2019
      • Paul Hutchinson (Mallorca)
        Paul Hutchinson (Mallorca)

        I did a little bit of research before appointing Rosa to handle our property purchase in Mallorca, but quickly realised I’d made a great decision.

        From beginning to end, she was highly communicative, helpful and friendly and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

        Jan 05, 2019
      • Colin Wilson
        Colin Wilson, Australia

        Overall it was great. Rosa always answered all questions asked and provided clear, concise and well explained answers.

        When there was a delay in responding she did offer an apology which was appreciated. Rosa always instilled a sense of confidence that she knew exactly what was going on, what I was asking, and what the applicable law was.

        When not a Spanish local and dealing with her remotely, this provided great comfort in a sensitive matter.

        Oct 30, 2018
      • David Roots
        David Roots, England

        We were very satisfied with the service we received. Rosa dealt with the matter in hand promptly and efficiently.

        Oct 01, 2018
      • Mohamed kheder
        Mohamed kheder, Dublin, Ireland

        Every thing was great ... Rosa was really helpful and understanding. And I see the value for money was good enough.. of course I would recommend it to any of my friends.

        And I would like to have the chance to thank Rosa and the whole company for everything.

        Sep 24, 2018
      • Brian Talbot (Santander)
        Brian Talbot (Santander)

        Jaime dealt with my father's inheritance in a speedy and most professional manner and I have no hesitation in using his expertise again.

        Aug 20, 2018
      • Tracey Iliffe Bradley
        Tracey Iliffe Bradley, UK

        Rosa dealt with everything efficiently and promptly and went beyond our expectations by helping us to open a Spanish bank account and deal with other minutiae.

        Aug 14, 2018
      • Wendy Dickson
        Wendy Dickson, Marbella

        It was all done very quick. Very good value for money. How easy it all was to communicate via email.

        Jun 19, 2018
      • Tracey and Mike Iliffe Bradley
        Tracey and Mike Iliffe Bradley, Colchester, United Kingdom

        From our very first contact through to the end of our purchase, Rosa surpassed all expectations.

        She was helpful, efficient, always quick to return our communications and a pleasure to deal with. We have already recommended her services to a friend.

        May 29, 2018
      • Liezl Pulido
        Liezl Pulido, Philippines

        Rosa never stopped working very hard, she went way above what she needed to do...she never gave up on me and always did more than I thought anyone would.

        I am so blessed I got Rosa to help me I couldn't have gotten a better lawyer she's the best.

        Thank you Rosa from the bottom of my heart you are a wonderful person, I am so grateful to you.

        Apr 23, 2018
      • L Marshall
        L Marshall, London

        Rosa was excellent. Very efficient and professional.

        Responsive and always available. Extremely helpful - we did not understand the process and she guided us through.

        We would not hesitate to recommend her.

        Mar 28, 2018
      • A. Kavanagh
        A. Kavanagh, Glasgow

        Miguel provided a great service and fully explained to me about the procedures with tax & business registration. My emails and questions where always answered straight away with an immediate response or solution.

        Very helpful and very friendly I would definitely recommend to anyone considering using Advocate Abroad

        Mar 15, 2018
      • Robert Davies
        Robert Davies, Mallorca

        Very supportive and clear on producing a suitable divorce settlement.

        Efficient, understanding and professional.

        Mar 12, 2018
      • A.Kavanagh
        A.Kavanagh, Glasgow

        Rosa was exceptional at helping me setting up my business abroad.

        This was a big move for me and Rosa fully explained everything to me in detail so I had a full and clear understanding of the legal side of things as well as always promptly responding to any emails or questions I had.

        I couldn’t of asked for a better lawyer and I would 100% recommend Rosa to anyone who is deciding to move abroad.

        Great service could not be happier.

        Mar 09, 2018
      • Patrick Martel
        Patrick Martel, Canada

        For being in another country and all our back and forth communicating over emails .. I thought Rosa did a brilliant job.

        Thankfully she was able to help where no one else was willing ..

        Mar 07, 2018
      • Robert Scott
        Robert Scott, UK

        First class service. Rosa's professionalism, advice and patience were all exemplary!

        Keep up the good work. Will certainly recommend the service to friends!

        Mar 07, 2018
      • Holly
        Holly, Lanzarote

        The divorce process could have been explained more clearly and accurately so that a more realistic time for completion can be attained.

        Feb 23, 2018
      • Tamara Malcolm
        Tamara Malcolm, Mallorca

        Rosa was and is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Her advice was excellent and i will definitely be using her expertise again in the future.

        Feb 20, 2018
      • Andrew Bullen
        Andrew Bullen, UK

        Rosa was very professional at all times when dealing with me. Her English was second to none and she always kept me informed of progress via email promptly.

        I wouldn't hesitate to use Rosa in the future for any legal issues I have.

        Feb 16, 2018
      • SAG
        SAG, Palma de Mallorca

        Rosa was extremely helpful and really couldn't have done more. Will definitely use her services again.

        Jan 18, 2018
      • Tim Burley
        Tim Burley, Mallorca

        A very strange phenomenon with lawyers in Spain - she was working for me rather than just trying to line her own pockets!

        Dec 15, 2017
      • Sarah Jane Kacomba
        Sarah Jane Kacomba, Fatnham

        She was available almost every time I needed her, she responded to my request and promptly.

        She went above and beyond for my case and I couldn’t have done it without her help, a very complex legal jurisdiction.

        Dec 14, 2017
      • Nigel Griffiths
        Nigel Griffiths, UK

        My situation was complicated because the correct documentation was not done at the time of sale....

        Rosa contacted the purchaser and arranged to receive all the information required to submit to the Spanish authorities.

        Without Rosa, whose understanding of English (which was perfect),I would have had serious problems.We were kept informed at all stages of the process, by phone and e-mail.

        I cannot recommend Rosa to highly,...she was fantastic.

        Thank you Rosa.

        Nov 29, 2017
      • Arthur & Patricia Chamberlain
        Arthur & Patricia Chamberlain, Palma de Mallorca

        Rosa understood what we wanted and carried out our instructions very professionally.

        Gave us confidence in her abilities.

        Nov 17, 2017
      • Bruce and Susan Moore
        Bruce and Susan Moore, England

        Great responsive and assured service

        Oct 31, 2017
      • Bruce Moore
        Bruce Moore, United Kingdom

        Complete confidence and removed any hassle from the process.

        Even better was the willingness to provide follow up support and guidance. A great service!

        Oct 31, 2017
      • Hugh and Ann Morgan
        Hugh and Ann Morgan, Palma de Mallorca

        His command of English is First Class.

        He demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and efficiency and l would have no hesitation in using him again or recommending him to any of my colleagues or friends

        Competent, capable value for money FIRST CLASS and a credit to the organisation

        Oct 30, 2017
      • Graham & Josephine Flinders
        Graham & Josephine Flinders, UK

        Rosa is a excellent lawyer and a extremely nice person, very efficient and helped us though the sale of our apartment.

        It all went very smoothly and it was mostly down to Rosa who dealt with anything that came up in a very professional manner. Rosa explained all what was happening in English and always returned our calls with any answers to our questions.

        Her fees are very very reasonable and we felt we got real value for money, we cannot recommend Rosa enough.she is a throughy nice approachable person.We would not hesitate using Rosa again and have recommended her to other people in majorca.

        Oct 26, 2017
      • Nick Boyd
        Nick Boyd, Scotland

        Rosa was excellent. Very responsive and proactive throughout the property purchase process.

        She made it all very simple and stress free.

        Aug 18, 2017
      • Michael Tenerife
        Michael Tenerife, UK

        Rosa excelled in all of the criteria listed for evaluation.

        Extremely responsive, understanding, professional, and offered great value for money. Rosa explained the situation clearly and provided the clearest solution every time.

        I just can't imagine how Rosa could have done more. Truly excellent service.

        Aug 07, 2017
      • Maya M
        Maya M, Canada

        My overall experience with Rosa was a positive one.

        Value for the money? Yes.

        In my opinion, Rosa is a very knowledgeable and professional lawyer, who is able to not only understand the situation at hand, but also suggest different approaches and customized solutions for unique, non-standard situations, which was the case with me.

        And for that I am really happy and grateful to have worked with Rosa, and wish her the very best in the future.

        Jul 31, 2017
      • Matt Hardy
        Matt Hardy, Palma de Mallorca

        From the start I found Rosa excellent.

        Really helpful, bilingual, quick at getting back to me, punctual, really knows her stuff, and a lovely person to work with.

        Would always use her again and highly recommend her.

        Jul 30, 2017
      • AK
        AK, Mallorca

        I rate Ms Rosa very highly on all the following: responsiveness, understanding, value for money, ability to explain and provide appropriate legal solutions, approachability and professionalism.

        She is outstanding!

        Jul 18, 2017
      • Jesper Darville
        Jesper Darville, Copenhagen

        From the very beginning, Rosa was extremely accommodating and friendly and seemed truly interested in helping me solve my issue which in this case was in regards to the Spanish commercial law.

        Also worth mentioning, is that Rosa is extremely effective which in the end can be seem on the bottom line.

        I can't imagine anyone else but Rosa to handle my legal stuff on Mallorca, she's a keeper!

        Jun 26, 2017
      • N. Gardiner
        N. Gardiner, Mijas

        Rosa was value for money, really easy to deal and very efficient.

        Highly recommend.

        Jun 16, 2017
      • Kate Vredevoogd
        Kate Vredevoogd, Granada

        Álvaro was completely willing and available to clarify all of the doubts that I had about the legal process, was knowledgeable, efficient and best of all was able to transmit a sense of calm during what for me was a very uncomfortable situation.

        I definitely recommend his services.

        May 15, 2017
      • Simon Drury
        Simon Drury, Porta Pollença

        Rosa was extremely professional and helpful and made the process of buying a property from the UK very simple.

        Not only did she walk us through the Spanish legalities of the purchase but she also helped us get our new home set up with utilities, furniture and even a car purchase. Rosa did everything so that when we arrived we could move straight in.

        Without Rosa’s help it would have taken us months and months to get through the legal system. I would highly recommend her services.

        Jan 24, 2017
      • Bart Cuyvers
        Bart Cuyvers, Belgium

        Rosa did a very good job for us.

        She was helpful, very professional and great to deal with!

        Nov 22, 2016
      • Simon
        Simon, England

        I have had many dealings with solicitors (lawyers) both in Spain and the UK

        But I have never found one as easy to deal with that looks entirely after the interest of his client’s as Jose.

        This is a considerable advantage if you are a non-Spanish speaking English man like I am. There is also a considerable advantage as most solicitors in Spain charge the same money so Jose is extremely good value.

        Oct 28, 2016
      • KSC
        KSC, Ireland

        She was very helpful, always happy to assist.

        I was very satisfied with the service.

        Oct 18, 2016
      • Caryn Edwards
        Caryn Edwards, Wales

        Rosa is a nice efficient professional.

        She was extremely helpful, I would definitely use the same lawyer again in the future.

        Oct 17, 2016
      • JMH
        JMH, Mallorca

        I was able to talk things through and my lawyer was able to help me find solutions and alternatives to my problems without it costing a fortune but providing me with what I needed.

        Rosa was very approachable and professional.

        Oct 11, 2016
      • David Roots
        David Roots, Manchester

        The transaction process was conducted efficiently. Communication was frequent and clear.

        The fees were fair and reasonable and the lawyer was responsive, professional and helpful, particularly in explaining and translating documents written in Spanish.

        Sep 23, 2016
      • Goran Natev
        Goran Natev, London

        She did everything in her and the law’s power to resolve my problem.

        I definitely would use the same lawyer again in the future.

        Sep 13, 2016
      • Barry Palmer
        Barry Palmer, Sineu

        We found Rosa extremely professional and very approachable.

        Rosa explained everything in a language that we could understand, she gave us really up to date information regarding our will, which obviously demonstrates her ability to keep herself up to date with the every increasing changes with the law.

        We felt she offered great value for money and paid the taxes for our residency to the bank before we arrived. We would not hesitate in using Rosa again or recommending her to friends.

        Mar 11, 2016
      • Anna Skelton
        Anna Skelton, Alaro

        Rosa was bilingual and I found her to be extremely helpful – she couldn’t have done more for me.

        I was very satisfied with the service and I will definitely use her services again in the future.

        Mar 10, 2016
      • Diana Baden Hellard
        Diana Baden Hellard, UK

        Rosa was efficient, straightforward, hard working and a pleasure to deal with.

        We were extremely happy with the way she acted for us both at the time of our purchase and since on an on-going basis.

        She was professional, highly responsive and careful in her dealings with us. Her grasp of English is fine, anything it lacks is made up for by her enthusiasm and helpfulness. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

        Mar 02, 2016
      • Kate Godbehere
        Kate Godbehere, Granada

        From the outset, Rosa was extremely professional, approachable, efficient and competent. Her level of English is extraordinary, something very much appreciated as it made life easier for me during an inherently difficult time.

        Her correspondence was always relevant, detailed, simply and clearly explained and expressed. Rosa was kindly, matter of fact, calm, patient and always reassuring.

        Her pro-active, intelligent, thoughtful and knowledgeable advice helped very much during a particularly delicate and worrying stage of the process.

        Feb 25, 2016
      • Justin Cooke
        Justin Cooke, UK

        Rosa was responsive, honest, clear and provided added-value.

        She filled us with confidence, kept us up to speed and generally made us feel secure and informed during a complex and potentially stressful transaction.

        We would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a lawyer in Mallorca and she is a credit to her firm.

        Feb 24, 2016
      • Peter H David
        Peter H David, Mallorca

        Rosa could not have been more helpful and professional in providing us with what we needed accomplishing in very short space of time.

        We will certainly be in touch with her again the next time we need legal service.

        Oct 30, 2015
      • Ian Bailey (Mallorca)
        Ian Bailey (Mallorca)

        I recently used Rosa and found her service excellent!

        May 31, 2015
      • Neil Coates
        Neil Coates, Mallorca

        Our lawyer listened attentively to what we wanted, was pleasant and efficient. There were no linguistic problems.

        Although I speak some Spanish, all our business was conducted in English.

        I was very satisfied with the service provided.

        Feb 13, 2015
      • Ted Purdom
        Ted Purdom, Mallorca

        Rosa demonstrated a strong understanding of my legal predicament and provided me with a service that has been unmatched in my attempt to find a solution.

        She was extremely prompt in her response to my emails. I must also note that I have yet to meet an individual so easily approachable, as well as professional.

        I say this with complete honesty, the services provided by Rosa were extremely helpful.

        Certainly worth every penny spent and I intend to enlist her services in the future.

        Jan 05, 2015
      • Graham Shaw
        Graham Shaw, Mallorca

        The level of detail and helpfulness were perfect, maintained contact throughout our negotiation period and had everything in place prior to signing the property deeds at the Notary.

        Returned calls were immediate as the lawyer became available.

        Value for money was also perfect, with costs individually presented with no hidden charges to surprise us.

        I will be recommending this Lawyer to my friends and colleagues.

        Dec 15, 2014
      • P.H
        P.H, Switzerland

        I got immediate responses to any questions I had, this alone would be enough for a good evaluation.

        However, Rosa was also patient and understanding throughout, and went out of her way to make sure I understood everything. I also thought that she was very good value for money.

        Perhaps I would have sometimes liked her to be a little more forceful…but this was probably due to me being emotionally involved in the situation. However, I do believe that she got her way in the end and I was always satisfied with her work!

        Nov 24, 2014
      • Evelyn Lindsay
        Evelyn Lindsay, Aberdeen

        As I am elderly and do not speak Spanish I found the service I received was excellent, everything explained in easy, understandable language and Rosa’s English was fantastic.

        Also the cost was very reasonable as I am only on a state pension. In the future if I need any legal advice I will contact her again.

        Sep 15, 2014
      • Elena Todd
        Elena Todd, Almoradi

        Our lawyer was very understanding of our situation, and took a lot of time to strategise for the best possible outcome.

        Her passionate performance in court exhibited a heartfelt commitment to our case.

        Her fees were very reasonable and she was willing to consider payment terms at difficult times.

        I strongly recommend her and will use her again in the future.

        Jul 18, 2014
      • Christine B.
        Christine B., Spain

        Very fast and comprehensive responses to all my queries.

        Always available via email and telephone.

        Very reasonable fees.Extremely helpful and thorough. Polite, perfect English. Absolutely professional.

        Jul 03, 2014
      • Mealem Yehouda
        Mealem Yehouda, Mallorca

        There really isn’t anything that I could think that would improve the service – it was perfect.

        Jun 28, 2014