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      Francisca is a highly experienced lawyer with 15 years track record assisting English-speaking clients in a number of fields, including property law and has an impressive academic record including Masters Degrees in Family and Criminal Law. Francisca spent five years living in London and has maintained an extremely high level of English to this day.
      Cases completed: 28
      Testimonials for Francisca
      • Christopher Horne
        Christopher Horne, Puçol

        I both purchased and sold a property in Spain utilising Francisca's services in both instances. I felt it was essential to use a lawyer as I am from the UK and this was my first experience of buying and selling in Spain and the system, process and tax requirements are very different and I wanted someone experienced and professional to oversee everything and 'hold my hand' through the process.

        It seems that most Spaniards do not utilise a lawyer or use an independent property surveyor and the inmobiliaria/estate agent does a huge amount of additional work compared to what they do back home. This combined with the arras (deposit of thousands of Euros paid directly to the seller to 'secure' the property and take it off the market) made me nervous as it was so different to what I was used to in the UK - in some ways it's a lot better system.

        Like most reading this review, I did a huge amount of internet research when looking for property to buy in Spain and from experience have found that there are many companies set up by Brits and other non-Spaniards that are looking to take advantage of first time buyers from their native countries by putting up flashy websites and charging exorbitant fees - without exception I found that the Spanish inmobiliaria/estate agent, lawyers, etc. were far more professional, hard working and able to get things done at a fair price. The challenge is, if like me, your Spanish language skills are poor to non-existent - my advice to you is to get used to using both Google Translate and WhatsApp on your mobile phone with a data package that works in Spain as these came to my rescue on multiple occasions and are invaluable.

        Francisca's services through both the buying and selling process of my property were exemplary and professional at all times, her fees fair, her communication swift and her level of integrity beyond doubt. Some of Francisca's greatest non-lawyer strengths are her ability to empathise with a non-Spaniard buying property for the fist time in Spain, communicate the system clearly, set the necessary appointments / provide clear directions and generally 'hold your hand' through the process and sooth your nerves when necessary.

        I would have no hesitation in recommending Francisca to anyone requiring the legal services (not just buying/selling property) of a lawyer in Spain and will certainly approach her again should I need such services again. It is rare to find a professional of this level of integrity in any industry or country.

        We need more clones of Francisca across Spain! :-). From my experience, her services and professionalism cannot be improved upon.

        Oct 02, 2020
      • P.R. van Tol
        P.R. van Tol

        Francisca did a great job helping us with buying our new property. The price is absolute right. I can fully recommend her!

        Aug 05, 2020
      • Chris Horne
        Chris Horne, Valencia

        Francisca is a highly professional and friendly lawyer based just outside of Valencia city that helped my wife and I purchase our property.

        Her English is excellent and her ability to communicate the Spanish legal requirements for a foreigner to purchase property in a clear and concise way is exceptional.

        I would have no hesitation in approaching her for other legal services myself and would recommend her to anyone.

        Feb 16, 2020
      • Peter Marsh
        Peter Marsh, Gandia

        In all departments Francisca was outstanding in every case!

        Aug 07, 2019
      • Mark Fairley
        Mark Fairley, Gandia

        Francisca was extremely professional, great communication throughout the purchasing process.

        Phoned or emailed me to keep me updated and worked to a good timescale for completion. Prepared well for the notary and simplified the answers on any questions or issues that occurred.

        I would highly recommend Francisca for anyone from the U.K wishing to purchase property in Spain.

        She takes away any stress or fear that can happen from entering the unknown legal practice in Spain. I would definitely use Francisca again for legal service, on any future issue or purchasing of property.

        She provided good value for service and would be a future person to go to, for any expat in the Spanish community.

        Apr 30, 2019
      • Wayne
        Wayne, Valencia

        Francisca was very informative and helpful. She handled my divorce professionally and made it easy for me throughout the process.

        Highly recommend and reasonable fees. Thank you, Francisca!

        Mar 16, 2019
      • Gary Moore
        Gary Moore, Gandia

        Fransisca is 1st class and very professional and extremely caring

        Mar 12, 2019
      • Wayne Cherry
        Wayne Cherry, London, England

        Francisca was very informative and attentive to all of my inquiries and concerns. I would definitely be going back to her if needing her services again and would recommend her brilliant services.

        Mar 09, 2019
      • Gary Moore
        Gary Moore, Gandia

        Francisca is a first-class Professional ' puts u at ease.

        100% up to date and reliable.  I would not consider using anyone else.

        Feb 28, 2019
      • Val
        Val, France

        Francisca was extremely helpful. We especially appreciated the clarity and sensitivity to our situation.

        Jan 08, 2019
      • Thom Koller
        Thom Koller, London

        Francisca provided a perfect service!

        She is professional, dedicated and took care to understand the needs of my situation. Her service offers exceptional value for money and gives complete peace of mind.

        Nov 05, 2018
      • Rosemarie Byrne and John Cooper
        Rosemarie Byrne and John Cooper, Dublin Ireland

        We found Francisca extremely helpful with a great amount of knowledge about buying a house and re-locating to Spain.

        Oct 09, 2018
      • Teresa Valencia (Gandia)
        Teresa Valencia (Gandia)

        I'm very pleased with services I received. Buying a house from abroad is not an easy job and thanks to Francisca everything was clear.

        She's very efficient and I highly recommend her!

        Jul 26, 2018
      • Mr David P Robson
        Mr David P Robson, Valancia

        My lawyer Francisca offered value for money and was very helpful. Will use her again.

        Jul 12, 2018
      • David Stack
        David Stack, Lliria, Spain

        Francisca was extremely helpful. She made the whole process easy to understand. I would definitely recommend her service to friends.

        Jun 21, 2018