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      Jose Antonio is a highly-experienced lawyer in the Alicante area of Spain. With offices in the centre of Alicante Capital, Jose-Antonio has offered expert legal advice for more than 10 years to English-speakers involved in Property transactions and contractual disputes as well as family law, inheritance and business formation.
      Cases completed: 162
      Testimonials for José
      • Robert Anslow
        Robert Anslow, Alicante

        Jose was fantastic he really made a difficult job straight forward I would recommend him to anyone

        Sep 21, 2020
      • David Smith
        David Smith, Alicante

        Jose was always very responsive, understood the problem and clearly explained the costs and benefits of possible solutions and took prompt action to resolve the issue.

        1st Class and very professional. A great ambassador for your network.

        Sep 12, 2020
      • Wayne Leatherbarrow
        Wayne Leatherbarrow, Costa Blanca

        Confident, articulate, concise & polite. I've used eleven 'abogados' to date, all pale behind Jose. One case I had lasted 12 years ! So I do believe that I know a little concerning the lugubrious trade today. The Best Rise to the Surface.

        I'm happy, Thank you.

        Sep 01, 2020
      • Geraldine Walduck
        Geraldine Walduck, Alicante

        Jose Antonio is exceptionally professional and methodical in all that he does. He is knowledgeable in all areas of Spanish Law and is always a pleasure to deal with. I have no hesitation in recommending him.

        The service provided by Jose is exceptional at all levels.

        Aug 14, 2020
      • Stephen McCool
        Stephen McCool, UK

        José was attentive and sympathetic throughout in his dealings with my brother (in Australia) and me (in the UK).

        Ours was a problematical case which involved José making contact with a Spanish notary and subsequently applying for NIEs for us and acting Power of Attorney. After this he was involved in protracted negotiations on our behalf with a particularly unhelpful Spanish bank in the matter of inheritance.

        He was a calming influence when needed and never less than professional. He kept us fully informed at all times.

        Jul 29, 2020
      • Yolande Van-de-l'Isle
        Yolande Van-de-l'Isle, London

        Jose understood my needs and was able to do all the things that I needed. He was extremely approachable and did everything necessary.

        I understood what he was doing and what was required of me to do. I was also very happy with the price paid.

        Jun 29, 2020
      • Richard Flawn
        Richard Flawn , Alicante

        I Found Jose very professional and knowledgeable regarding my divorce proceedings and would gladly recommend him.

        May 31, 2020
      • Nicole Spires
        Nicole Spires, Alicante

        I thought he was very helpful and professional, always responded quickly.

        His English is really good and all the instructions I received concerning the signing and returning of documents was very clear.

        I would readily recommend him.

        May 26, 2020
      • Tom Burke
        Tom Burke, Alicante

        Jose was Professional and very prompt to respond, good value for money and is approachable.

        Feb 09, 2020
      • Holger Goertz
        Holger Goertz , Alicante Spain

        Extremely helpful and friendly!

        Jan 22, 2020
      • Geraldine Walduck
        Geraldine Walduck, Alicante

        José is the ultimate professional who always had my best interests in mind. He always kept me fully informed and I owe him a great debt of gratitude for all he did on my behalf.

        José is a solid lawyer who practices nothing but the best for his clients and I highly recommend him. The service offered was of the highest calibre

        Dec 06, 2019
      • Martin Clifton
        Martin Clifton, Alicante

        My transaction sometimes wasn’t the easiest but José went out of his way to deal with any difficulties and always explained things clearly and concisely. He was proactive and always kept me in touch with how matters were proceeding.

        Dec 05, 2019
      • Allison Straw
        Allison Straw, Alicante

        Jose was extremely helpful - thank you again for your help!

        Nov 11, 2019
      • Mr Swildens
        Mr Swildens, Alicante and Belgium

        I'm very happy with the services received: I started with José in Alicante on various subjects whom than handed me over to Miguel for another case because he said Miguel was much more experienced in the field I needed assistance, I can appreciate professionals knowing their business.

        In the beginning when I started emailing with your good selves I experienced difficulties receiving mails from advocate abroad, it was a server issue from advocate abroad, I repeatedly asked Miguel and José about it but they could not find anything wrong. At this moment I no longer experience these problems.

        Sep 20, 2019
      • Cheryl Ann Taylor
        Cheryl Ann Taylor, Alicante

        Jose's English is excellent and he explained everything to the letter. Absolutely brilliant and will definitely go back to him when we have found a house to buy.

        Can't fault anything. In fact he showed us the car registry office and other offices that will be useful to help us settle in his beautiful country. A real gentleman.

        Sep 10, 2019
      • Marie Bryan
        Marie Bryan, Alicante

        Very efficient and professional and gave great feedback

        Sep 04, 2019
      • Manh Do
        Manh Do, Alicante

        Jose has guided and helped our family throughout the whole process of the purchase including the application for the NIE, ordering of the survey, signing of the contract and transfer of the utilities under our checking account.

        We highly recommend his legal services for any such real estate transaction.

        Sep 04, 2019
      • Bilal Ahmad
        Bilal Ahmad, Alicante

        Jose was a great advocate.

        Jul 30, 2019
      • Dean Hugues
        Dean Hugues, Catral, Alicante (Spain)

        Did the job I needed doing extremely well. Couldn't have asked for better service. Everything was spot on!

        Jul 09, 2019
      • Marion Brennan
        Marion Brennan, Alicante

        At every stage of our family case, Jose Antonio has been knowledgeable and thorough, very professional while remaining kind and supportive and ensured that we took the right steps for a positive outcome.

        I would highly recommend Jose Antonio for legal representation.

        Jun 29, 2019
      • William Bain
        William Bain, Alicante

        Jose was extremely helpful - I would definitely recommend him to friends.

        Apr 17, 2019
      • Pearse Dunne
        Pearse Dunne, UK

        Jose is one of the most professional and reliable people I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. He is fully versed in the law and gives excellent advice. His services are excellent value for money.

        I have no hesitation in recommending Jose and will definitely be using his services again

        Mar 28, 2019
      • Paul McAteer
        Paul McAteer, Ukraine

        Jose was excellent in every way and he will now tend to all our business in Alicante

        Feb 05, 2019
      • David Tyrrell
        David Tyrrell, Alicante

        Jose Antonio was very helpful. Would definitely recommend him to friends.

        Jan 29, 2019
      • Ryan
        Ryan, Alicante

        José was an absolute professional from start to finish. Every deadline was met on time. José made the process for us extremely comfortable and straight forward.

        He went over and above his position to help us finalise certain things related to our case, and quite honestly, if you get an opportunity to use his services, you will be more than happy with the outcome.

        Thank you again José and I wish you the best for you and for your family!

        Jan 07, 2019
      • Simon Luddon
        Simon Luddon, Alicante

        This is the second time we have used Jose . Excellent service, Excellent value for money, replied to emails within two hours.

        We just told Jose what we wanted and he just got on with it. I can't praise him highly enough. There is no need for improvements.

        Jan 07, 2019
      • Manoochehr Jafari-Nahad
        Manoochehr Jafari-Nahad, UAE

        Jose-Antonio was extremely helpful and prompt and also it was helpful that he could be contacted via social media like Whatsapp

        Oct 13, 2018
      • David Grundy
        David Grundy, UK

        Jose was very polite and we received an excellent service from him.

        Nothing was to much trouble and his communication was 2nd to none. Highly recommended!

        Aug 24, 2018
      • John Ryan
        John Ryan, Derby, England

        A perfect relationship between client and professional. Nothing was too much trouble.

        Went over and above his job and more. I would only use his services if I need legal services. I were very lucky to find Jose first time round.

        Thank you jose

        Aug 08, 2018
      • George Salib
        George Salib, London

        Jose Antonio was very professional and has assisted me in every step of the purchase of my flat in Alicante.

        He also assisted me by advising of the most suitable area according to my needs. His commitment and dedication is excellent.

        Jose Antonio was very easy to approach and happy to help in any way he can.

        I will definitely recommend him to my family and friends.

        Apr 23, 2018
      • Julie Smith
        Julie Smith, Torrellano

        I can't compliment my solicitor enough.

        From our initial meeting right through to my ultimate divorce (with no unpleasant surprises the entire duration of the entire process), he immediately responded to my many enquiries, always had mine and my daughter's best interests at the forefront of any considerations and was well worth every penny of his extremely reasonable fee.

        Excellent value for money, totally approachable and very professional and understanding. I highly recommend him and will continue to retain his services for other matters in the future.

        Apr 20, 2018
      • Ali Hashemi
        Ali Hashemi, Alicante

        Rafael was extremely helpful, accommodating and understanding. He couldn't have done more.

        Feb 14, 2018
      • Stephen Grundy
        Stephen Grundy, Alicante

        Jose-Antonio's services are exemplary. Very satisfied and would definitely use this lawyer again.

        Feb 01, 2018
      • Delphine Harrison
        Delphine Harrison, England

        Jose was excellent from my initial contact to the exchange of the contracts, always responding quickly to my emails even out of work hours, very professional and understanding.

        Jose made the whole experience stress free and quite enjoyable, I would highly recommend him for anybody needing legal advise or business abroad.

        Dec 21, 2017
      • JMB
        JMB, Alicante

        Jose-Antonio was very helpful, always happy to assist. I was very satisfied with the service and would definitely use this lawyer again.

        Dec 19, 2017
      • Eric Van Der Straeten
        Eric Van Der Straeten, Belgium

        Mr. Sempere Gelardo was a pleasure to work with. This lawyer has an understanding of difficult matters that surpasses most of his colleagues.

        He replied to my demand the next day and in fluent English assisted me in the case I presented to him.

        His professionalism, together with a lot of empathy, gave me a feeling of security. The results were of the same high standard.

        I can only thank him and would recommend him to anybody who is in need of legal assistance in the region of Alicante.

        Nov 17, 2017
      • Dariush Mirzajani
        Dariush Mirzajani, Scotland

        My solicitor was very honest and helpful.

        I am recommending him to my friends on their legal matters - everything was above my expectations.

        Sep 12, 2017
      • John Wedlake
        John Wedlake, Murro de Alcoi, Spain

        Very satisfied with Jose-Antonio's service, in particular I appreciated the completely honest appraisal of the situation. Will definitely use this service again.

        Jul 30, 2017
      • Frode Rødøy
        Frode Rødøy, Horadada

        He was very good at explaining my position and my chances to win / not win the case. He gave me many good advises in the process. He explained how the legal system works in Spain and how I best could position myself in order to win the case.

        The result of the case was an agreement outside the court where I got it exactly how I wanted. Perfect!

        Jul 14, 2017
      • D slocombe
        D slocombe, Spain

        Jose is very friendly and understanding.

        I am very satisfied and I would you use the same lawyer again in the future.

        May 19, 2017
      • Richard Anthony Poole
        Richard Anthony Poole, Johannesburg, South Africa

        Very responsive, very understanding, value for money, has a great ability to explain and provide the appropriate legal solutions, very approachable and very professional in dealing me.

        May 03, 2017
      • Andriy Shevchuk
        Andriy Shevchuk, Ukraine, Lviv

        Jose Antonio is a very professional lawyer. He have very good experience and clear vision of case. Also digging deeply in all details.

        Very professional Lawyer.

        Apr 05, 2017
      • Mike Hartley
        Mike Hartley, United Kingdom

        Jose was extremely helpful, he couldn't have done more.

        I´m very Satisfied and I definitely use the same lawyer again in the future if I need it.

        Mar 27, 2017
      • Eric Ward
        Eric Ward, Solihull

        José did more than I expected to help me in my situation.

        He was, at all times, helpful, patient, tuned-in to my needs, polite and courteous. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others, in my situation.

        A good, understanding lawyer!

        Feb 24, 2017
      • Louise Kirby
        Louise Kirby, Alicante

        Jose Antonio is a very dedicated lawyer. He ensures he has a deep understanding of the case and provides excellent advise on a range of issues.

        He has often replied to queries out of hours and works hard to provide the best outcome for his clients.

        His service is outstanding and I would highly recommend him.

        Feb 15, 2017
      • Alan and Ann
        Alan and Ann, Denia and UK

        Very hard working and obliging. Always available for calls and emails from the UK. Over a very extended period Jose remained very focused, professional and friendly.

        We'd have no hesitation in recommending Jose Antonio to others.

        As buyers from the UK we were very grateful for his guidance and professional expertise.

        Feb 01, 2017
      • Tony McHugh
        Tony McHugh, Monte Pego

        Jose was very helpful and kept us well informed and looked after our interests on the actual exchange day rather than being bullied by the vendors legal solicitor.

        Considering it was all done from a distance and via email the transactions all went very smoothly thanks to Jose.

        Jan 12, 2017
      • Svein Skovly
        Svein Skovly, Norway

        My wife and I are very pleased with the services we received when we acquired an apartment near Alicante.

        We have also been assisted in resolving practical issues regarding the take over of our apartment. We definitely see that we have received great value for money.

        I definitely recommend José A., and we will seek his advise again if needed.

        Jan 06, 2017
      • Leigh Weatherell
        Leigh Weatherell, Kenya

        Jose's professionalism, protectiveness and attention to detail is second to none.

        Dec 13, 2016
      • AS
        AS, Denmark

        Jose was very helpful, always happy to assist.

        I am very satisfied the service provided by my lawyer.

        Dec 08, 2016
      • Robert Ludlam
        Robert Ludlam, UK

        Jose was very helpful and responded to my question by return.

        I would definitely use the same lawyer again in the future.

        Nov 24, 2016
      • AD
        AD, Alicante

        Jose gave me information on tax implications of different inheritance options, with forms, figures and useful advice for the future.

        He was very friendly and approachable, I would you use the same lawyer again in the future.

        Oct 15, 2016
      • R Theobald
        R Theobald, UK

        Jose was very helpful and couldn't have done more for us.The advise was good and very professional.

        He is very easy to deal with and we would highly recommend him.

        Oct 11, 2016
      • S & J Barron
        S & J Barron, England

        Jose Antonio was very understanding and patient.

        I am very Satisfied, he couldn't have done more.

        Oct 05, 2016
      • CSA
        CSA, Alicante

        Jose Antonio always got back to us promptly and was very good at explaining the legal terms so that we could fully grasp the implications of any Court processes.

        He was pragmatic and although positive, kept us informed of possible outcomes both positive and negative. This enabled us to make informed decisions at all times. At all times, I felt that Jose Antonio had confidence in his own ability and was fully competent, without being arrogant.

        Sep 08, 2016
      • James Archer
        James Archer, London

        We bought a flat near El Campello and Jose Antonio made it stress free and straightforward. I could not recommend him more highly. The whole process of purchasing a property in Spain was very clearly explained alongside different options we would have at each stage.

        Jose Antonio always responded within a day and also prompted us when he needed information. He was always able to fit in around our schedule when we were in Spain for short visits. I thought the price was good value.

        Sep 03, 2016
      • John Walsh
        John Walsh, Guardamar

        Jose is excellent and gives a service that is first class and very professional.

        I definitely use the same lawyer again in the future.

        Aug 11, 2016
      • AHJ
        AHJ, Alicante

        I found José personable, articulate and very helpful.

        Almost all reasons for going to a lawyer are stressful but I found his manner and advice made the process of my divorce straightforward and without complications.

        Mar 07, 2016
      • Samuel Fee
        Samuel Fee, UK

        Jose was very attentive and explained everything in full.

        After he attended the Notary he travelled from Denia to Moraira to help us with opening our bank account. He has also contacted Utility companies on our behalf and informed them of the change of ownership.

        I will continue to use Jose for any future legal work I may have in Spain.

        Feb 29, 2016
      • Dariusz Wilamowski
        Dariusz Wilamowski, UK

        Jose Antonio is very nice person. Very helpful,perfect spoken English. He knew exactly what to do - he is Profesional.

        All was profesional and quick as possible. Would recommend his service to everyone.

        Jan 19, 2016
      • Carol & Keivan Borhani
        Carol & Keivan Borhani, London

        The service we have received from Jose-Antonio in our property hunt in Alicante has been very professional.

        We found him caring, responsive and patient in explaining different aspects of the purchase to us. His fees were most reasonable and on many occasions, he went beyond the call of duty. His command of English, both spoken and written, is excellent and we have no hesitation in recommending his services to others.

        Oct 30, 2015
      • Anne Robinson
        Anne Robinson, Torrevieja

        Jose Antonio responded to my questions promptly and comprehensively. He offered me options to keep my costs down and understood my priorities.

        He is extremely personable and approachable and didn't mind all my questions. He is a credit to his profession and I will contact him if I have any further Spanish legal matters. I also recommend him to any other clients.

        Sep 10, 2015
      • John Fitzpatrick
        John Fitzpatrick, UK

        Outstanding advice and service Jose was polite courteous and responsive and very sensitive in dealing with my fathers complex bereavement case.

        Jun 29, 2015
      • James Charles
        James Charles, Denia

        Jose-Antonio was extremely helpful, couldn't have done more.

        In terms of responsiveness, understanding, value for money, ability to explain and provide appropriate legal solutions, I would give him top-marks on all.

        Jan 20, 2015
      • Susan Basham-Gamble
        Susan Basham-Gamble, Wokingham

        My lawyer was very helpful and professional giving a personalised service and nothing was too much trouble. All questions and queries were answered fully.

        Excellent value for money and good advice given throughout. Will definitely use his services again.

        Nov 09, 2014
      • NW
        NW, London

        My lawyer was extremely helpful, couldn't have done more. I was very satisfied with the service provided.

        His English was of a sufficient level and I found him to be personable and professional.

        Oct 28, 2014
      • AS
        AS, Brussels

        My lawyer spoke English more or less fluently and was very helpful.

        He responded quickly to my request, understood the issues concerned and provided understandable and useful advice. A clearer pricing structure would have been helpful.

        However, I was satisfied with the service and would definitely use this lawyer again.

        Oct 23, 2014
      • Ian H
        Ian H, UK

        Nothing was too much trouble, efficient and didn't charge for additional help when he could have done.

        Aug 06, 2014
      • S J Davies
        S J Davies, Alicante

        Jose-Antonio was extremely helpful, couldn't have done more. I would definitely use his services again.

        Jul 28, 2014

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