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    • Laura, property lawyer in Lisbon EnglishPortuguese
      Laura is a registered lawyer with the Bar Association of Portugal. Coming from a family background of lawyers, Laura has learned quickly the value of in-depth knowledge and expertise in a restricted number of legal fields. She specialises in matters of property law, family law as well as criminal law and immigration matters.
      Cases completed: 30
    • Simone, property lawyer in Lisbon EnglishPortuguese
      With over 10 years legal experience, Simone has spent the last 4 years specialising in international law, immigration, nationality proceedings and the Golden Visa process in Portugal. She has won the Miguel Galvão Teles legal award for contribution to understanding of international law in the scientific field. Simone is fully regulated by the Lisbon Bar and has postgraduates in Business & Employment Law, and International Law. She speaks english and portuguese fluently.
      Cases completed: 64

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