Your Guide to Moving Your UK Pension…

Moving pensions abroad from the UK

Moving your pension payments abroad from the UK doesn’t have to be difficult. People can be faced with the challenge of ever changing currency rates impacting their pension when transferring their pension payment from their UK account.

This is where RationalFX can help you. Our comprehensive international payment services help people save money when transferring their pensions abroad from the UK. Money Transfers have highlighted our bank to bank transfer services in their guide for sending your pension abroad.

We’ve been featured as Money Transfers’ top partner in their comparison for moving pensions abroad from the UK, thanks to our competitive rates and high quality service.

To read the full guide, click here.

Why use RationalFX when transferring pensions abroad?

RationalFX have helped over 26,000 individual clients to save money on their international payments. Our currency specialists can help you to secure a favourable exchange rate for sending your pension payments abroad from the UK, making your transfer as cost-effective and hassle free as possible.

Our team will tailor our international payments service to you to meet your every requirement. Whether it’s to set up a regular payment or make a one-off spot transfer, our friendly team are here to help.

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