Unemployment Benefits in Spain during the Coronavirus OutbreakHousehold employees

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  • Be registered in Social Security before March 14, 2020
  • Being in any of the following situations:
    1. Having temporarily stopped working to reduce the risk of contagion of the covid-19, in all or part of its activity. It looks like a “suspension” of the employment contract.
    2. Having been fired due to the covid-19 health crisis. Here yes there is extinction of the labor relation.

Incompatibilities: The payment of this subsidy will not correspond if you are in a situation of temporary disability, or in the situation of paid leave from March 30 to April 9 (you have stopped going to work but they will pay you your salary and later you will recover the hours not worked).

Required documentation

  • In the case of “suspension”: with a responsible declaration signed by the employer (the boss).
  • In the case of dismissal: with the dismissal letter, the communication of the withdrawal of the employer or a certificate of withdrawal from the Special System of Household Employees.

Amount: It is monthly and represents 70% of the contribution base of the last month. The subsidy cannot exceed € 950 in any case. If you do not work every day the same number of hours, a monthly average is made.

Reduction of working hours: if you have only stopped working in some homes, or reduced the hours you go to them, you can collect the salary of the work you continue to do and the subsidy corresponding to the part where the work has been reduced, with the limit of € 1,108.

Time: Since you stopped going to work or from the date of dismissal.

The first is established according to the date that appears in the Responsible Declaration signed by your employer. The second for the date of withdrawal from Social Security.

If you worked without being registered, you cannot collect the subsidy.

In conclusion, these are the measures at a general level that are more specific and that are considered useful to be able to incardinate in one or the other situation, adopted by the Government to mitigate the negative labor effects that Covid-19 brings with it due to the paralysis of non-essential social and productive activities.

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