Unemployment Benefits in Spain during the Coronavirus OutbreakPersons working fixed discontinued and for which they perform fixed and periodic works that repeat on certain dates

Employment Law Spain coronavirus

Special rules are established for the group of discontinuous fixed workers and for those who perform fixed and periodic jobs that are repeated on certain dates, who have had their employment contracts suspended as a result of COVID-19 during periods that would have been of activity in normal circumstances.

For them it is established that:

  • When they become legally unemployed again, they may receive the unemployment benefit again with a maximum limit of 90 days.
  • In order to determine the period that would have been of labour activity if the crisis of COVID-19 had not occurred, the actual worked during the previous calendar year will be taken based on the same employment contract. If it were the first year, the periods of activity of other comparable workers in the company will be taken.
  • The measure will be applied to the same consumed right.
  • It will be recognized ex officio by the managing entity when the interested party requests its resumption.

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