Asturias is where the quickest divorces are processed


divorce spain 2012A contentious divorce in Asturias takes just over five months from filing to obtaining the divorce decree, making it the region of Spain where the quickest divorce can be arranged, according to statistics released by the General Council of the Judiciary in Spain. The reason would appear to be the high number of Family Law judges that are working in that region.

The statistics also reveal that while the number of divorces in Spain is not falling, the number of separation orders are. In addition, the financial crisis appears to be increasing the number of applications for modifications to existing divorce agreements insofar as they require alimony and/or child maintenance payments to be made.

In the rest of the country the typical contentious divorce (where the spouses are not agreed to the terms of the divorce and which account for 40% of all family law disputes) requires around ten months to complete with Castilla La Mancha the slowest at almost 13 months.

The figures for the number of divorces in Spain have not changed much year on year (2% increase on 2011) though there is an appreciable reduction from the peak in 2006 with 120,000 divorces processed in 2012 compared to 141,817 in 2006.

In 2012 there were 6,719 proceedings relating agreed modification of a divorce agreement, typically relating to either child maintenance payments and spousal alimony or child visitation. This represented an increase of over 14% on the same procedures in 2011.

Meanwhile the number of proceedings relating to contentious or non-agreed modifications of existing divorce agreements increased by 24%, numbering 26,435.

So, in summary the figures seem to reflect the expected trends – that the economic crisis is having an impact and that the greater the number of family law judges and courts, the faster the process is for the applicants.

 Image by David Castillo Dominici

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