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  • Cristina
    Cristina is an experienced, registered and regulated English-speaking lawyer in Ibiza who regularly provides expert legal advice to resident and non-resident clients involved in Property transactions, contractual disputes, inheritance matters, family law issues and intellectual property law.

Client Testimonials

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    The Team in Ibiza

    Our English-speaking lawyers are client-focused with an emphasis on ensuring that there are timely updates provided to clients throughout the legal process that is being managed at the time. Communication is key to successful outcomes in legal proceedings not just in Ibiza, but anywhere, and as the managing partner says:

    “While the outcome of any particular set of legal-proceedings may be in the hands of a judge, as professional lawyers can ensure that our clients are the best informed in Ibiza before deciding to become involved in legal proceedings.

    In any event we always try to avoid the court room and reach a successful conclusion without recourse to costly proceedings”

    The lawyers offices are conveniently located in the centre of Ibiza.


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