Buying a House in Tenerife

Buying a House in Tenerife: discover what only the top, expert property lawyers in Tenerife region know about buying a house in tenerife

Buying a House in Tenerife

Whether you are looking for a house in the coastal areas or if you want to enjoy the diversity of large cities (Santa Cruz de Tenerife), the steps to follow are not always intuitive.

In addition, it is necessary to be clear about what taxes and expenses have to be dealt with. All this and much more is explained below.

Tips for buying a house in Tenerife

We would recommend that you:

  • Visit the house personally before paying any amount, that is, check first-hand the condition of the house, the surroundings, the transport routes that connect to the area, etc.
  • Know who owns the house. Make sure that you check any requirements, permits and legal status of the house from the area City planning office. Check for zoning, flood zone maps, architectural requirements and more. There are limitations on building size and any renovations might not be permitted. Many problems occur for these reasons.
  • Once acquired, register the house in the Land Registry, to demonstrate that you have absolute rights on the house that has been acquired in Tenerife (what could happen if you buy an unregistered house?).
  • If a deposit agreement is made prior to the signing at the Notary, look for an expert to verify the content of the contract and its effects.
  • Hire a Solicitor to review any documents and include any clauses in the contract that will give you a way out in the event something goes wrong.
  • DO NOT sign a contract without having your Solicitor review the document.
  • DO NOT hire a Solicitor that was referred to you by the estate agent, or who works directly with the Real Estate Agency. We strongly suggest that you get an independent Lawyer.
  • DO NOT sign any exclusive agreement with an estate agent.

To avoid all such grave errors,  uncertainties and delays, it is strongly recommended that you delegate all tasks to a lawyer experienced in dealing with conveyances in Tenerife.


Buying a House in Tenerife as a foreigner

The only essential requirement for buying a house in Tenerife is to obtain the NIE (Foreigner Identification Number). It is a personal and unique number, essential to carry out any transaction in the island, from opening a business to buying a house.

When a non-resident obtain the NIE, they can start the process for the purchase of the house.

It is not mandatory to open a bank account in Tenerife but it will facilitate the payment of taxes and expenses.

The purchase of the house is carried-out at a Notary and is registered in a public registry, that is, the Land Registry.

You should bear in mind, that before signing the deeds at the Notary, it is very common to sign a private contract of sale called “contrato de arras” (deposit contract), where a part of the price is already paid, on account of the final price which is paid when the house is transferred at the notary.


What taxes and expenses must be paid when purchasing a house in Tenerife?

The purchase of a house is subject to various taxes, which increase the cost of the house substantially. Among them are:

  • The Value Added Tax (IGIC), in the case of new houses or first transmission of a property. Tax rate of 7 %.
  • The Property Transfer Tax (ITP), in the case of second-hand residences or second transmission. The tax rate is 6.5 %. It must be paid if VAT (IGIC) is not applied in the transmission.
  • Tax on Documented Legal Acts (AJD). It must be paid if the house is purchased and VAT (IGIC) is applied, and if it is purchased through a mortgage.

In addition, there are other expenses that must be taken into account:

  • Public deed at the notary.
  • Registration of the deed in the Land Registry.
  • In the event that it is necessary to request a mortgage, it is also necessary to include the appraisal and the notary, the mortgage taxes and the registration of the deed in the Land Registry.

During the year you will also have to deal with other taxes, such as the Land Tax (IBI), property taxes, the Wealth Tax – if applicable -, the Personal Income Tax (IRPF) or, if you do not live in Spanish territory permanently, the Non-Resident Income Tax. We can assist with ensuring compliance with all taxes relating to home-ownership in Tenerife.

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