Golden Visa Spain: the processWhere to apply

Golden Visa Spain: the process

The “Golden visa” gives you a right to residency when you invest at least 500,000 € in a property located in Spain. With this type of visa, you  may enter and exit Spain whenever and as  often as you wish, without any requirement to spend a minimum amount of time in Spain.

The visa should be applied for in the Spanish Consulate or Embassy of the country of origin of the applicant, and never in Spain (only renewals may be processed in Spain). The application should be made after having acquired the Spanish property i.e. once the investment has been made.

Advocate Abroad’s lawyers can assist you with making a successful and stress-free application for a Golden Visa in Spain. With specialist English-speaking immigration lawyers, accountants, official translators and tax specialists located in all parts of Spain we are ready to make your dream move to a life in Spain a reality. Contact us today!

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