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Spanish Marriage Certificate Translation

For many years now couples have chosen to get married in Spain due to the climate and abundant picturesque places to celebrate the marriage. Also, given the high number of English-speaking people who live in Spain at some point in their lives, it is very possible they marry in Spain but later decide to move their home country.

In either case, it will be important to have a Certified English copy of your marriage certificate so that you can register the marriage in your country and for myriad other reasons that require a copy of your marriage certificate, being probably the best -or worst- example getting divorced.

A usual case for use of a Sworn Translator: a couple gets married at their home country and want to divorce in another country, Spain for the case. They will need a Spanish marriage certificate translation in order to get to the end of the divorce process.

What can you do in order to get you Spanish Marriage Certificate Translation?

The answer is simple: get your documents officially translated by a Spanish Sworn Translator, authorised by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

What can we, Sworn Translators, do for you?

We can issue an Official Translation of your document that will be accepted in your country. It also works when you need to produce before the Spanish Authorities a document issued in your own country.

Please bear in mind that the original document (the one issued by the Spanish authorities) will quite possibly also need to be Apostilled with the Seal of the Convention of The Hague (we can help you with this).

There are many more cases where a Sworn Translator can be helpful, if not indispensable Spanish Marriage Certificate Translation

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