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Client Testimonials

Recent Advocate Abroad lawyer reviews as added by clients directly to the Wufoo client survey platform:

    Why Choose Advocate Abroad?

    The independent lawyers and law firms who are members of the Advocate Abroad® network in Spain represent the perfect mix of Experience, Value for Money and Proficiency in English.

    When you contract a lawyer on the Advocate Abroad® network you will also benefit from a number of guarantees you would not otherwise receive, specifically that:

    1.    Your lawyer will speak a high level of English,

    2.    Your lawyer will be registered and regulated by the relevant Spanish Law Society,

    3.    Your lawyer will be covered by professional indemnity insurance,

    4.   You will receive an up-front, detailed quotation that sets-out the legal services you will receive and the lawyer’s fees,

    Obtaining these guarantees costs you absolutely nothing and all quotations provided by lawyers on the Advocate Abroad® network are guaranteed to be extremely competitive


    Lawyers Officially Regulated by Spanish Law Societies

    All of the lawyers on the Advocate Abroad network are registered and regulated by their local Law Society and are consequently covered by professional indemnity insurance coverage.

    When you contact Advocate Abroad® you will receive the lawyer’s Licence number which you can keep and check at any time with the local Law Society to ensure it is valid. The fact that your lawyer is registered also provides you with proof that they have not been subject to any serious disciplinary procedures. Therefore, in the unlikely event of any negligent acts on the part of your lawyer, you will be able to seek redress via that lawyer’s Law Society Ethics Committee.

    This information can be validated by checking with ‘Red Abogacia‘ , an independent electronic portal developed by the General Council of Spanish Law Societies and which is the most up-to-date register of practising lawyers in Spain.

    How We Ensure Lawyers’ Levels of English

    While our administrators speak English and Spanish fluently it is of utmost importance that the individual lawyers are able to communicate well in English.

    Accordingly our administrators interview each lawyer at length before being admitted to our network so that we can personally gauge their level of English and suitability for the provision of legal services in English. We also give priority to lawyers holding language certification demonstrating a high-level of competency in English.

    Providing A National Service

    The Advocate Abroad® network of lawyers, tax, labour and human resources experts can be found in most major population centres as well as smaller urban centres in the major Mediterranean coastal resort areas including the Balearic and Canary Islands.


    So, if you…

    1) Are reassured  when your lawyer is registered and regulated by their local Law Society

    2) Want your lawyer to speak very good English,

    3) Wish to control legal costs with an up-front, legally-guaranteed fee proposal,

    4) Would like to know in advance exactly which services you will be guaranteed to receive,

    5) Are relaxed in the knowledge that your lawyer is covered by professional indemnity  insurance,

     … then Advocate Abroad should be your first call when dealing with legal matters in Spain.


    It’s Easy To Get in Touch with Advocate Abroad

    45 offices in Spain – a single point of contact – it couldn’t be easier! Just call our central office (UK and Spanish access numbers on the right of this page) or use the email form (also on this page) and get speaking to an English-speaking lawyer in Spain today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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