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Legal Notice

  1. Advocate Abroad® is a wholly owned trademark of Expert Motivation Ltd
  2. Advocate Abroad® is a web-based platform for independent professionals, who are fully regulated by their Professional Regulatory Authority, to receive and process professional enquiries from clients, and who have furthermore agreed to Expert Motivation Ltd’s strict terms and conditions for inclusion, as laid out from time to time by Expert Motivation Ltd, which does not itself provide legal or other professional services to the client.
  3. Information that you have provided, including the contents of any emails, will be retained in electronic format on Expert Motivation Ltd’s servers solely for the purposes of providing you with the appropriate services that you require.
  4. Expert Motivation Ltd is thereby authorised to use and communicate that information to third parties, such as lawyers and other professionals, as and when their assistance is required in order to provide you with the services requested.
  5. You may exercise your rights, under Spanish law (Ley Orgánica 175/1999, de 13 de diciembre) to access, rectify, cancel and, if appropriate, raise any objection by sending an email to
  6. The members of the Advocate Abroad® Network are separate and independent firms and there is no legal relationship between the firms or with Expert Motivation Ltd itself. No member firm or professional is responsible for the professional services performed by any other member firm or professional. Expert Motivation Ltd is not a partnership and does not provide any professional services, either in its own name or otherwise, except for marketing and logistics services to member professionals.
  7. Expert Motivation Ltd restricts itself to relaying your information to the relevant member of the Advocate Abroad® network so that they may contact you and provide you with professional assistance. Accordingly we do not influence the service provided nor are responsible for that service; this being the responsibility of the individual professional who provides the relevant services and who is regulated by the ethical rules of conduct set-out by their Professional Regulatory Authority of which they are members and who are covered by their own professional indemnity insurance as per the regulations of their Regulatory Authority.


Advocate Abroad® is a Registered Trademark of Expert Motivation Ltd. Registration Number: C79371 with Registered Address at 21, Mons. A. Bonnici Street, Msida, Malta, MSD 2257.