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Company registration in Turkey

Turkey is a free market economy and foreign, real or legal persons can establish companies and take part in commercial activity here.

From 1954 to 2003, foreigners or Turkish citizens living abroad could establish company under the scope of the Foreign Capital Incentive Code dated 18/1/1954 and numbered 6224. After 2003, company establishment procedures have been performed within the scope of the Foreign Direct Investment Code No. 4875 dated 5/6/2003. Apart from this, there are many laws and regulations.

The establishment of a company is subject to a series of bureaucratic procedures, after which it is possible to operate within the scope of Turkish Tax Legislation and Turkish Commercial Code. For this reason, it is important to obtain assistance in several areas during the establishment of the company.

Thinking of company registration In Turkey? Real or legal persons can establish companies and thrive in commercial activity, learn some facts about it.

A unique feasibility study includes preparing the company’s main contract, examining the existing legislation in the sector to be engaged, determining the advantages and disadvantages, and evaluating the necessary incentives and supports.

In addition to the legal difficulties or advantages that can be faced in Turkey, advice on the impact of the Commercial Law and the functioning of the legal system in Turkey is recommended to ensure initial and continuing success of the business.

Trade Name and Trademark-Patent Registration Support

As well as initial support, possible problems that could arise in relation to the trademark such as whether it is possible to use it in Turkey, the presence of similar trademarks, ensuring the protection of the brand’s trademark, while retaining the company name, can be prevented from the very beginning.

After the brand and company title is determined and registered, all services such as tracking, detecting and preventing the registration of similar or counterfeit brands will be provided by our Specialist Lawyers.  We will ensure that the trademark and the company name are used safely without any problems at the establishment stage of the company.

Tax and Financial Support

All of the tax processes that must be complied with in the registration and ongoing maintenance of the company are followed by the accountants that you hire for this purpose. Obviously, experience is key – not  least since, in addition, any tax benefits arising as a result of the legislation in force in Turkey can best be accessed with assistance from experienced tax advisors.

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