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Yasin is one of the best attorneys I have ever worked with. From our first meeting, he explained everything to me in terms I could easily understand and was always very responsive. If anyone is looking for a knowledgeable attorney at a great price, and who do not have hidden fees, then go to Yasin. I highly recommend him. Yasin is a very, very responsible, talented professional lawyer.
Azat OK
Azat OK
11 Jan 2023
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Who is this Service for?

Who is this Service for?

Defaming someone's good character can deprive them of one of the most important and valuable assets that a person may possess: their reputation.

Given the dramatic impact this may have on one's lifestyle, it is common for the Courts to hear complaints from those who feel they have had their character unlawfully impugned.

Nowadays, with the proliferation of social media and a tendency for users of such platforms to make statements, perhaps without thinking through the consequences, complaints for injuries caused through defamation have increased substantially 

A lawyer who can understand your situation and explain how the law works in this country is essential to a successful legal outcome in this area of law.

What does this service consist of?

  • Discussion with an experienced English-speaking lawyer to determine the nature of the charges
  • The lawyer will develop a defence strategy based on the facts of the case and the circumstances
  • Representation in local courts and advice throughout the trial

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