Visa Denial Appeals in Portugal

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"Highly professional, efficient service. Response to our urgent email almost immediately. Our lawyer, very approachable and helpful with the handling of this case and intercepting everything into English for us. The service provided was excellent value for money."

Rhona Goodwin (Nov, 16 2022)
Client testimonials

"I found the service very helpful and easy to use. It took the fear out of employing a legal service in that it was upfront and transparent and reasonably priced."

Derry Conran (Nov, 02 2022)
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"Very responsive and reached out to me via phone call to set up a consultation. Answered all my questions and was willing to help."

Natalie Stephens (Oct, 24 2022)
Client testimonials

"Proactive, always helpful and ready to answer questions, took control of my issue and clearly explained what I needed to do. Good value."

Jerry Lockspeiser (Oct, 16 2022)
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"Very professional and knowledgeable. Came well-prepared to the meeting. I am extremely satisfied."

Piotr Nagalski (Oct, 11 2022)
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"Responsible, understanding, good personal contact. Always finding time for us, very kind and helpful."

Paul Tapper (Aug, 09 2022)
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"My lawyer was amazing. Every question quickly answered."

Marc (May, 19 2022)
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"Amazing service. Would recommend to everyone."

Noreen Murphy (Mar, 18 2022)
Client testimonials

Excellent service, very quick to explain all procedures and possible outcomes. Once our lawyer began, the service was extremely professional and thorough, with clear communication at every stage. The problem was dealt with in a very short time, I could not ask for better or more professio... Read More

Excellent service, very quick to explain all procedures and possible outcomes. Once our lawyer began, the service was extremely professional and thorough, with clear communication at every stage. The problem was dealt with in a very short time, I could not ask for better or more professional service.

Malcolm Shaw (Mar, 07 2022)
Client testimonials

"I found my lawyer to be prompt with all responses. My requirement was identified and understood, and I was advised of any potential complications. I found the service provided to be both professional and approachable. Overall, I was very pleased with the service!"

Elizabeth (Feb, 02 2022)
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"Very, very happy with the service provided. I would definitely recommend my lawyer and would be very happy to use the service again. I felt in good hands immediately."

Joanne Mulvany (Feb, 01 2022)
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"My lawyer was responsive and engaged and always willing to help. Everything went smoothly, and I received explanations regarding all the caveats. I highly recommend this service."

Tomasz Weglinski (Jan, 18 2022)
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"Our lawyer was very helpful, professional and kind - nothing was too much trouble. If I left a message, we got a reply within 24 hours. Would recommend this service to anyone."

Michael Bailey (Dec, 13 2021)
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"I was extremely pleased with the whole service."

Rex Millward (Jul, 02 2021)
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"Extremely helpful, trustworthy, and went beyond expectations to help and serve me as a client."

Eric (Jan, 20 2021)
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Service Details

Visa Denial Appeals

Available in the following locations: Aveiro, Faro, Lisboa, Lisbon, Portimao, Porto, Viseu

* If your local town is not listed, a lawyer from our nearest office will be happy to assist you.

Who Is This Service For?

It is quite common for a Visa application to be turned down by a Country’s Consulate office (or 'Foreigners Office' if the application was made in country).

There are many different reasons why this might occur, but often it is simply an administrative matter: either there was some required information missing when the application was made.

If your visa application is rejected, a lawyer can check the application and the supporting documentation that was submitted along with it, to see if there were any obvious errors or missing information. The lawyer will also consider any information provided by the Consulate in relation to the reason for the rejection.

Depending on the nature of the application, it may be possible to make an administrative appeal to the Consulate. If this is not possible, or indeed if such an appeal were to be rejected, a further appeal is possible, typically to a Superior Court in the capital city.

Potential Issues To Be Aware Of

If you are considering appealing a Visa rejection, bear in mind that often action must be taken within a set time-frame – often 30 days – following the appropriate bureaucratic procedure Such appeals should be made by experienced immigration lawyers to ensure the best possibility of success.

What Does This Service Consist Of?

  • A discussion with an experienced immigration lawyer to determine the current situation with your visa application
  • Advice and asistance assembling all required documentation and information to make an appeal
  • Making an administrative appeal on your behalf, where possible
  • Further appeal to the Superior Court, where necessary
  • Your lawyer will inform you as to the success of the appeal

Free Support Services Included

When combined with the free and innovative Advocate Abroad support services you can be sure that you are obtaining completely transparent legal services from registered and regulated English-speaking lawyers abroad.These support services include:

  • Verification of the regulatory status of your professional.
  • Fees as recommended by the Local Professional Body
  • Fees specified in advance and legally guaranteed.
  • Service levels agreed in advance and guaranteed.
  • All professionals must hold professional indemnity insurance.
  • Professionals' proficiency in English monitored.
  • Continuous quality controls and reviews.

Why choose Advocate Abroad?

Our Lawyers

Diana Maria, Lawyer in Porto
Country flag Country flag Country flag

Diana is a lawyer whose areas of expertise encompass tax planning, company set-up, immigration and property matters. While Diana spent her early life in China, she is originally from Oporto, Portugal. She returned and graduated from the University of Coimbra. Diana has participated in various M&A transactions, having gained a broad understanding in cross-border corporate matters. She works alongside UK, Portugal, France, Germany and many countries in Africa in cross-border contracts for fiscal optimisation.

Elsa, Lawyer in Lisbon
Country flag Country flag Country flag
Cases completed 19

Elsa has been running a private legal practice since 2004, assisting both national and international clients in civil and business legal matters. In a... Read More

Elsa has been running a private legal practice since 2004, assisting both national and international clients in civil and business legal matters. In addition to her primary law degree, Elsa later obtained a Master’s Degree at the University of Austin, in the United States, with a postgraduate doctorate in international trade as well as mediation, arbitration and negotiation.

Customer Reviews

Erika Samis Mar, 08 2023

Very kind, understanding, helpful, and responsive. I really appreciated Elsa's efforts on my case.

Laura, Lawyer in Lisbon
Country flag Country flag
Cases completed 47

Laura is a registered lawyer with the Bar Association of Portugal. Coming from a family background of lawyers, Laura has learned quickly the value of ... Read More

Laura is a registered lawyer with the Bar Association of Portugal. Coming from a family background of lawyers, Laura has learned quickly the value of in-depth knowledge and expertise in a restricted number of legal fields. She specialises in matters of property law, family law as well as criminal law and immigration matters.

Customer Reviews

Joseph Costa, U.S. Aug, 16 2021

Laura was great. Of course I was hesitant sending money overseas to someone I didn't know but after speaking to Laura I was at ease.

Laura always responded to my emails and when I informed her that I never received my paperwork in the mail, there were no questions and she sent out more paper special delivery which I received within a week.

If need be I would contact Laura to have work done and will advise any friends to do the same.

Clifton Fernandes, Lisbon Jan, 25 2021

One of the most responsive and helpful professionals. Very well versed with the laws. Absolutely most recommended.

Chris Greve, Lisbon Jan, 14 2021

Fast and helpful service.

Pedro Castro, London Oct, 01 2020

Great service and professionalism.

Teresa, Lawyer in Faro
Country flag Country flag Country flag Country flag
Cases completed 160

Teresa read law at the University of Coimbra. She is specialised in civil law, contracts, property and inheritance case, with more than 10 years repre... Read More

Teresa read law at the University of Coimbra. She is specialised in civil law, contracts, property and inheritance case, with more than 10 years representing international clients. She holds a postgraduate degree in Banking, Stock Exchange and Insurance Law and also holds the specialization course leading to the degree of Master of Corporate Law. A well-known speaker, Teresa's research focuses on issues of economic and financial law, as well as fundamental rights. She speaks English fluently.

Customer Reviews

Edwin Roberts Oct, 04 2022

Teresa and her team were immediately very responsive to our inquiry and remained as such throughout their service.

Teresa's team clearly understood our needs and objectives and through their network of established local contacts, they were able to accomplish our goals timely and with professionalism and competence.

Teresa always offered to make herself or her team available to respond to any questions or concerns that we might have had, and has stayed in touch with us to offer support throughout the visa process. Teresa clearly exceeded our expectations based on your evaluation criteria listed above.

We will no doubt have additional legal matters in the future and will have no hesitation Teresa to assist us with a range of Portuguese legalities.

Overall, a fantastic job. A huge thanks to the team and advocate abroad.

Lydia Payten Sep, 20 2022

Was happy with the service.

One improvement I would suggest: I received an email aimed at Americans which uses different terminology than the UK. So this could be addressed for future correspondence.

Dawn Ryan May, 11 2022

I was very happy to use the services of Teresa as I wanted someone I could communicate with in English, as I don't speak Portuguese. Teresa's English was perfect.

I was happy with the costs of the service and she helped ensure that my tight deadline was met.

I intend to use Teresa's services again in the future and would happily recommend to others.

Lenita Martins Bandeira, Caldas da Rainha Nov, 16 2021

She was very accessible, friendly and fast to reply. I would recommend her.

Erich von Schiller, Porto Nov, 04 2021

Teresa is absolutely wonderful. She’s dedicated and shows great passion and caring.

I’m only halfway through the process and still will need assistance to have my spouse join me in Portugal, but I have no doubt all will turn out beautifully with the continued assistance of Teresa.

Thank you for putting me in her exceptionally trustworthy hands!

Vernon Petch, Faro Sep, 16 2021

Teresa and her associates were extremely helpful and professional in their work to achieve our needs, many thanks.

Chris Sorrentino, Faro Sep, 10 2021

Teresa was very helpful and always got back to me promptly when I had questions. She made herself available by phone during my appointment with SEF, ensuring I left as a Portuguese resident. Obrigado!

Michael Roch Aug, 25 2021

Teresa is super professional and can only recommend her . Best service ever

Sean Miller Jul, 07 2021

Teresa went above and beyond to ensure she attended to everything everything I needed, and explained every step of the process to me clearly and patiently.

Simon O'Callaghan, Faro Jun, 17 2021

During Covid times communication was easy and replied to queries I had.

Great service and would recommend to others with poor Portuguese as they translated everything sent to me and replied to my messages in English which was a great help to me.

Fernando Alvarado Jacobs, Aveiro Jun, 12 2021

A very nice lawyer who helped me quickly solve my presented problems. In addition, she presented and helped me to solve the various things that one must have as a resident in Portugal.

As can be seen from the answers above, I am very pleased with the help I have received.

Meaghan Johnson, Porto Jun, 09 2021

Very informative, very responsive, and my NIF was provided very promptly

Desiree Wattrus, Castelo Branco Jun, 05 2021

The service we received was professional and they did explain and provide feedback. The Tax number was obtained and the Bank account opened in a timely manner.

Whenever we had queries we could get hold of the person concerned and if not they would phone you back which we did appreciate.

Fiona Simpson, Aveiro Jun, 01 2021

Teresa responded within a very short time of my initial email. She immediately put me at my ease, listened and understood my needs.

Not only did she assist us with our initial request, she also managed to resolve a last minute request of ours.

Our experience with her was extremely good and we will be asking for her assistance in the future.

Thank you for supporting such excellent human beings.

Jimmie & Cheryl Weese, Portimão May, 14 2021

Teresa always got back to me. She never was negative, she told it like it was. She was in control but never controlling. Her fees were affordable.

She did things like getting our Nif, bank account was started by Her. She found some medical phone numbers that I needed. She was encouraging when I was down when getting my application for visa completed. We will definitely want more of her services when we move to beautiful Portugal.

We were happy to have her help. Sincerely Jimmie and Cheryl Weese.

Thaís, Lawyer in Lisboa
Country flag Country flag

Lawyer, partner of the law firm Gaia & Martins based in Portugal, with focus on immigration law, nationalities and real estate investments.

Tiago, Lawyer in Porto
Country flag Country flag
Cases completed 87

Tiago has 10+ years of practice experience, having qualified in both Portuguese and Brazilian jurisdictions. He believes in the overarching importance... Read More

Tiago has 10+ years of practice experience, having qualified in both Portuguese and Brazilian jurisdictions. He believes in the overarching importance of providing effective and creative solutions to business and individual clients alike.

Customer Reviews

Anthony Aarons Sep, 01 2022

My wife and I are in the process of moving to Portugal, and thank goodness we found Tiago. He has been simply amazing, going above and beyond what anyone could expect from a lawyer.

Not only is he diligent, a great communicator and a consummate professional who really knows the law, but he is also kind, considerate and just an all round lovely person.

Thanks so much, we couldn't have done it without you.

Patricija Paula Gravele Apr, 01 2022

He is excellent at what he does, I really appreciated the opportunity of remote services. He gave answers to all my questions and helped to solve my problem.

Caleb Ben-Avram, Porto Oct, 19 2021

Tiago was very responsive to emails. I received replies very promptly. He was always clear in what he needed from us in order to complete documents. I never felt like I was bothering him with my requests.

He provided us with peace of mind as new residents in Porto. All the documentation can be confusing, but Tiago was able to get us through all of it without worry.

I would definitely recommend his services to other expats moving to the Porto area.

Ella Kaplan, Porto Sep, 30 2021

Tiago is responsive, professional, always willing to assist and a pleasure to work with.

Dina Atef, Porto Jul, 01 2021

Tiago did a great job assisting us in all the matters that we requested. He was very responsive and attentive to our needs.

His English is perfect and the price of his services is reasonable. We definitely recommend him to anyone who needs legal assistance.

Evan Shinners, Porto May, 26 2021

Tiago is great! I will recommend him to my friends who come to Portugal!

Joel McCully, Porto May, 19 2021

Tiago has been a wonderful and professional resource. I would be (and have been) recommending him to other people when I can, because he has been extremely responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable!

Vanessa Killelea, Porto, Portugal May, 11 2021

Tiago has been wonderful in every way! I recommended him to my friend, and he has gone above and beyond the call of duty to help me in trying to resolve a very difficult and complex problem.

Daniel Woods, Viana Do Castelo Mar, 19 2021

Tiago was fantastic in all aspects. We couldn't have asked for more. Professional, responded to our questions almost immediately, booked our appointments and told us what to take.

He made the move to Portugal so easy and stress free. We would recommend him to anyone.

Artem Ivanenko, Portugal, Porto Jan, 07 2021

Tiago has been very helpful throughout the process. He assisted promptly with all my requests, his communication was timely. He has been a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend his services to anyone who needs assistance of a true professional. Thanks a lot, Tiago!

Sarah Bridge, Porto Dec, 17 2020

I am delighted to have found Tiago to help me and my husband through the complex and arduous process of obtaining a Visa in Portugal.

He speaks and writes in English at a high level. He is careful, deliberate, thorough, and prompt in his work. He has a high level of integrity. I have learned to trust him completely.

Best of all, he is a kind person. It’s easy to talk with him and I find I feel energized and positive after our conversations. I’m very satisfied with the service, the price and the results.

Vanessa Killelea, Portugal, Porto Nov, 30 2020

Tiago was wonderful, all aspects of the work were undertaken promptly and professionally.

He was approachable and explained all the necessary procedures. His rates were extremely fair and there was a good outcome for me in the court. He worked exceptionally hard on my behalf, and did a fantastic job.

Ethan Flower, Porto Nov, 29 2020

We are so happy with Tiago and his wonderful help. He made everything simple and made sure we accomplished all that we needed. He was very careful and went above and beyond. Everyone has to use Tiago!

Rowena Fernandes, Algarve Nov, 05 2020

Tiago is laudable in his role as advocate. Efficient, thorough, timely, amiable, combining heart with mind. It is a blessing to have found Tiago and he is to be highly recommended.

Ana Macedo, Lisbon Oct, 14 2020

Tiago is a true professional. He understood what I needed, acted diligently in executing his tasks, and responded to my requests for updates in a timely and courteous manner. His knowledge of Portuguese laws and it’s bureaucracy, were commendable. His price rates were reasonable.

I hope he continues to built his clientele, both in Portugal and overseas, especially in the United States. He does a very good job. No improvement needed.

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