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A Source of New ClientsEvery day thousands of lawyers across the world have clients who need assistance from legal experts in other countries - some in your jurisdiction.
A Problem SolvedHave you any clients for which you need expert input from a lawyer in another jurisdiction. Now you have an international team of lawyers!
Remove UncertaintySearching for an expert in another jurisdiction to assist a client? Don`t settle for just anyone - view profiles, specialties and track-record before choosing.
Develop Lucrative PartnershipsExtend your professional reach across the globe by establishing long-term, productive partnerships with law firms around the world.
Improve Client FidelityDo you have clients with global ambitions? Position your firm as one with global reach and ensure that your clients don`t outgrow you.
Avoid a Brexit Cliff-EdgeAvoid a Brexit calamity by forging lasting partnerships with English-speaking lawyers across the EU. Be prepared for any eventuality.
Transparency = Confidence = TrustAdvocate Abroad`s privately developed software platform ensures ongoing updates regarding your client`s progress while our messaging system means you can contact colleagues at any time.
Pandemic AntidoteMost counties are in the middle of - or are suffering the aftereffects of stringent lockdowns implemented due to Covid-19. Avoid interruptions to the provision of services by leveraging our network.
Consultation On-tapNeed a consultation on the potential impact of foreign, EU or arcane legislation on an important client`s business plans? Just set-up a private consultation using our Zoom integration. And offer them too!