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Property Surveys

Property Surveys

For the Clever Investor

Property Surveys

Why get a survey?

  • You have noticed something specific on the property that makes you concerned

  • The property is old

  • The property is out of town, in the countryside

  • The property is in a protected zone (old town, coastal area)

  • You are unsure of local building standards and want to be sure before investing

  • You are setting-up a business and need to obtain a surveyor’s suitability report to be able to engage in the proposed business activity on the premises

Our surveyors offer two different types of property survey suitable for English-speakers acquiring property abroad:

Building Survey

This survey is very extensive, and typically includes an in-depth inspection of the property with a detailed report in English, providing information and analysis of the current condition of:

  • Central Heating and Air-conditioning systems

  • Electrical System

  • Internal Plumbing

  • Interior/Exterior walls, floors, ceilings, windows, stairways

  • Drains, guttering and external sewage system

The surveyor will also:

  • Check for damp

  • Check for any signs of erosion, subsidence or material/structural fatigue

  • Include Recommended/Required steps to take to bring the property up to standard


This report will provide an in-depth and detailed analysis of all aspects of the property before proceeding to purchase.

Please note, if purchasing an aged or rural property, or indeed one that is located in a protected/heritage area, a building survey is recommended to ensure that you are made well aware of any defects in the building that will require more investment down the line. It will almost certainly more than pay for itself!

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Commercial Premises Survey

Before proceeding with the acquisition of premises for business or commercial purposes, it is vital to ensure that they are suitable for the activity that you propose, and a legal requirement to obtain a ‘Commercial Activity License’.

Local zoning laws and health and safety regulations regulate what types of commercial activity may take place in particular zones of towns and cities and also any adjustments or renovations that need to take place before the premises are suitable for the activity proposed.

Once you begin to undertake the commercial activity you may be inspected at any time and be required to produce a valid licence certificate.

The process for obtaining the commercial activity licence begins with a Technical Project Report carried-out by a suitably qualified architect or technical architect or engineer. The method of drafting the report will vary according to the commercial activity proposed and the premises in which they take place, but broadly speaking, it involves:


  • Discussion with the architect about the business project envisaged by the business owner

  • Architect visits the premises

  • Architect compiles the report as follows:

  • Description of the activity that will take place

  • Description of the premises including m

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