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About Us

Advocate Abroad is a network of independent English-speaking professionals – lawyers, tax specialists, architects, official translators, private investigators and other professionals across the world. The experts are all fully accredited by their national regulatory authorities.

This group is overseen by a legally-qualified professional in the UK and active member of Ilex* (an Authorised Supervisory Body under the UK Legal Services Act 2007). Each of the experts signs-up to our stringent terms and conditions and as a result you can be sure that a uniformly high level of service will be provided at a reasonable price. Contracting a professional abroad doesn’t have to be a risky business.

Why Choose Us

Global Network of English-Speaking Professionals

The registered and regulated professionals who are members of the Advocate Abroad network represent the perfect mix of Experience, Value for Money and Proficiency in English. When you locate a professional on the Advocate Abroad network you will benefit from a number of guarantees, specifically:

  1. That the Professional will speak a high-level of English.
  2. For any profession that is regulated, the practitioner  must demonstrate that they are registered with their relevant Professional Regulatory Body before joining our network.
  3. As a member of a Regulatory Body they will be covered by professional indemnity insurance.
  4. You will receive an up-front, detailed quotation that sets-out the services you will receive as well as the fees to be charged.

Obtaining these guarantees costs you absolutely nothing! Furthermore, all quotations provided by the professionals on the Advocate Abroad® network are guaranteed to be competitive!

Contact Us

For assistance in a particular location, please specify in ‘Preferred Office Location’ in the contact form or contact us directly using the most convenient method below:

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