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Joanna is a Greek lawyer fluent in English, Italian and Spanish, registered with the Bar Association of Thessaloniki since 2008. She obtained a Masters Degree in Transnational and European Commercial Law & ADR. She has worked as an independent lawyer for more than 10 years and has represented British and International clients before the Greek authorities in that time. She deals with commercial, corporate, contract investment, real-estate law and consumer law and alternative dispute resolution, having participated in arbitration proceedings and out of court negotiations.
Joanne, really took the time to explain the process and the best way to fulfill our requests. She was very good at communicating timelines and what was to be expected. She worked quickly to make sure we completed our process.
Flavia Krause
Flavia Krause
28 Mar 2024
75 completed cases
Speaks languages

Looking for reliable Lawyers in Greece?

If you're an expat needing legal advice in Greece, our English-speaking lawyers are well-versed in both Greek and international law. While dealing with foreign laws can often be convoluted and taxing, our Greek lawyers will be happy to explain the legal processes you need to undertake, removing a lot of the stress typically involved.

We deliver a range of legal services that expats frequently require support with, including guidance with:

  • Buying and selling of property,
  • Wills & Probate,
  • Immigration procedures,
  • Family law matters,
  • Criminal law affairs,
  • Administrative law,

Beyond strict legal matters, our lawyers are also equipped to assist expats in managing taxes, and founding a business in Greece.

Our dedicated Lawyers in Greece are resolved to ensuring you understand the legal process and that all the paperwork is handled precisely - so you don’t have to navigate through the legendary Greek bureaucracy.

Our lawyers are committed to offering clear, direct legal advice and assistance. 

We are just a phone call away to assist you with your legal requirements, ensuring you can face any legal issue in Greece with confidence and clarity!

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Buying, Selling & Dealing with Property in Greece

Responsive, Understanding, and best value for money.

Imad Abdelnour (19 Apr 2024)

Visas & Immigration Services

Trustpilot Review

Maria was responsive and know what she's doing. I would definitely go for her next time if I need any legal advice in Greece in terms of immigration and documents. Thanks, Maria!

Az Ab (29 Apr 2024)

Business Law & Accounting Services

Trustpilot Review

Joanna was amazing pushed everything through for me very quick

Stuart Darbyshire (11 Mar 2024)

Tax Returns & Fiscal Services

Trustpilot Review

Joanna was amazing pushed everything through for me very quick

Stuart Darbyshire (11 Mar 2024)

Probate Law: Wills & Inheritance

Superb responsiveness via Whatsapp - available at all hours. Has been advising on a high pressure probate matter, handling the various aspects in Spain while keeping us fully updated. Gave the right advice on a number of important strategic questions. Would very happily recommend him.

Benjamin Weland (17 May 2024)
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Family Law

Maria was quick to respond she was very helpful and to the point providing me with the necessary informations.

Anna Nestoroudi (07 Feb 2023)
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Criminal Law

G o o g l e Review

Would like to say a big thank you to Domingo for dealing with an outstanding legal matter that has been in the background for over 20 years. From the outset he has delivered on everything he said he would, with so much ease and to a high level, and such a reasonable price. I wish I had contacted him ... [read more]

Lee Bassnett (13 May 2024)

Administrative & Employment Matters

Trustpilot Review

Helpful!! Thank you so much, Attorney Maria, for patiently answering our inquiries and for addressing our main concern. We were so happy to have found LEGIT attorney and company that gives 100% good customer service!

JenTV (15 May 2024)

Litigation & General Claims

The person who contacted me spoke excellent English. He was extremely professional and informative. If I require assistance in future I would be very happy to contact him.

Mary Ann McKinnon Reekie (15 Mar 2024)

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