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Buying, Selling & Dealing with Property in Greece

Buying, Selling & Dealing with Property in Greece
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Buying property abroad in the era of higher interest rates

With the increase in globalisation and more people travelling than ever before, buying property abroad has become an increasingly popular option. International Property organisations have reported a steady rise in overseas property purchases over the past decade.This surge in popularity has been driven by factors such as lower i... Read More

Greek Property Law

Before acquiring property in Greece, it is crucial to check the permitted uses; that is to say, the limited purposes for which the property may legally be used. Permitted Usage It is not uncommon for buyers to be interested in properties advertised as residences only to later find out that those properties could be only used a... Read More

Selling Property in Greece

Unlike the buyer, the seller is burdened with collecting the majority of the documents and certificates required for the transfer.The process for selling Property in Greece is exactly the same for all property sellers, Greeks and foreigners. This process can be stressful as - unlike the buyer- the seller is burdened with collect... Read More

Buying Property in Greece

Greece is a country where traditionally the majority of its people own their homes. The Constitution, the Civil Code and other special laws come to protect property rights, which makes Greece a rather safe place to invest. However, buying a property in Greece can potentially be a stressful procedure especially when a foreign bu... Read More

Buying a Hotel in Greece

The hotel sector is particularly important for the Greek economy, being an economy which relies heavily on tourism revenues. The legal process for buying a hotel in Greece was once rather complex and slow; however, due to recent legislative changes the process and the supporting documents needed for Hotel licensing have been si... Read More

Buying Land in Greece

Greece is an attractive choice for foreigners who are interested in buying land abroad. However in Greece there are some restrictions for foreigners who intend to buy property – such as in areas classified as “border areas”, for reasons of national security. Only Greek nationals or people descended from Greek nationals or ... Read More

Selling Land in Greece

The decisions you make during the property selling process can save you money and avoid delays and there are a number of important questions in this regard that you need to ask yourself before proceeding. Checklist - Selling Land in Greece Do you have a legally valid property title? According to Greek law real estate passe... Read More

Buying Property in Greece Now?

Several regions in Greece are still in the process of completing their transition from ‘old system title’ to the modern Land Registry System. What does this mean for purchasers of real estate? In a nutshell, “old system title” of property and the organisation of depositing contracts in a public record was regulated in t... Read More

Buying a house in Greece

It is quite normal to be both excited and worried about the possibility of buying a house in Greece, as acquiring a piece of sunny Mediterranean land is a wonderful project, but in an unknown jurisdiction it can be quite stressful. The truth is that it could indeed turn into a risky business, if not all steps are followed del... Read More

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