Can you help our English-speaking Clients?

  • Receive new client enquiries every month
  • Collaborate with colleagues around the world
  • Use our in-house CRM platform to improve results and increase income
  • All of the above benefits at no financial risk to you

"No financial risk? Really??"

NO joining fee!
Joining is free, as it should be!
NO monthly fees!
Unlike some networks, there are no subscriptions costs!
Keep 80% of all fees!
Paid directly by the clients into your bank account!

How can this service help you?

  • Most people use the internet to find a lawyer abroad. Could you benefit from this huge source of potential clients? The answer is maybe.
  • Are you an expert in marketing? If so, do you also have the time required to create the content necessary? Or the financial resources?
  • For most lawyers the answer is 'No'. So, is there another way to access this huge source of clients?
  • By working with Advocate Abroad we manage all the marketing for you. We have a proven, successful track record in marketing legal services for our own lawyers, as evidenced by the figures on this page
  • While we manage the marketing, you focus on providing excellent legal support to the clients, but you still keep the vast majority of the fees generated
  • It's no risk and win-win-win: for you, for us and, most importantly, for the clients!

What should I know about Advocate Abroad?

Established over 10 years ago
We didn't just appear yesterday!
Present in 30 Countries
We are sure to be available in your country!
25000 Enquiries distributed
Our marketing system works extremely well!
€ Millions in fees generated
The bottom line: our lawyers get huge financial benefits!

What do the current lawyer members think of Advocate Abroad?

Rodanthi from Athens, GreeceThe English-speaking clients I receive from Advocate Abroad often recommend our services to friends meaning more business for me!
Francisco from Córdoba, SpainI find the language revision tools very useful. I am a professional in Spain and so I want to be considered a professional in English too.
Inma from Murcia, SpainUsing the Advocate Abroad Client Management Software is very easy and I just wish we could use it for our own clients as well.
Michael from Marseille, FranceHaving an operator to take a message for me is great as I am often out of the office. I can then contact the client when I am free.

Recently registered

Ramona - Lawyer, Romania
Registered: Friday - Jun 25, 2021
Rossana - Lawyer, Portugal
Registered: Monday - Apr 12, 2021
Maffi - Lawyer, Italy
Registered: Sunday - Apr 11, 2021
Paul - Lawyer, Romania
Registered: Monday - Apr 05, 2021
Peter - Lawyer, Hungary
Registered: Thursday - Feb 25, 2021
Tonia - Accountant/Tax Lawyer, Greece
Registered: Thursday - Feb 25, 2021
Abdallah - Accountant/Tax Lawyer, Lawyer, France
Registered: Friday - Feb 19, 2021
Chorusch - Lawyer, Germany
Registered: Tuesday - Jan 26, 2021
Martin - Lawyer, France
Registered: Friday - Jan 22, 2021
Vera - Lawyer, Spain
Registered: Thursday - Jan 21, 2021
Zoubaïda - Lawyer, France
Registered: Sunday - Jan 17, 2021
Giorgio - Lawyer, Italy
Registered: Thursday - Jan 14, 2021
Irene - Translator, Italy
Registered: Wednesday - Jan 06, 2021
Constantinos - Lawyer, Cyprus, Greece
Registered: Sunday - Jan 03, 2021
Mir - Lawyer, Finland
Registered: Friday - Dec 04, 2020
Bartomeu - Architect, Spain
Registered: Thursday - Dec 03, 2020
Gamze - Lawyer, Turkey
Registered: Monday - Nov 30, 2020
Eric - Lawyer, Netherlands
Registered: Tuesday - Nov 24, 2020
Mads - Lawyer, Denmark
Registered: Thursday - Nov 05, 2020
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