Benefits of a Partnership with Advocate Abroad

  • Receive new client enquiries each week
  • Collaborate with professional colleagues around the world
  • Use our in-house CRM platform to reduce effort while increasing income
  • Obtain these benefits at no financial risk to you
"No financial risk? Really??"
NO joining fee! Joining is free, as it should be!
NO monthly fees! Unlike some networks, there are no subscriptions costs!
No upfront costs at all! Client fees paid directly into your bank account
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This message was originally created for lawyers but is, in fact, equally relevant to all professions.
What should I know about Advocate Abroad?
Established 15 years ago We didn`t just appear yesterday!
Present Across Europe We are sure to be available in your country!
35.000 Enquiries distributed Our marketing system works extremely well!
€ Millions in fees generated The bottom line: our lawyers get huge financial benefits!
Why join Advocate Abroad?

How to Supercharge Your Business

Relying on personal referrals and recommendations is a very slow path to growth. But what alternatives are there?

Internet marketing can dramatically accelerate your business expansion, but it’s complex, time-consuming and costly to manage on your own.

Assuming you overcome these obstacles and get online inquiries, they often vary in quality. How do you identify the valuable ones?

And when clients prefer to speak with someone, do you have an English-speaking operator ready to assist?

What if there was a cost-effective, ready-made solution that solved all of these problems?

How Advocate Abroad can help Professionals just like you

Our main website contains 1000's of pages of expert content, proofed by native English-speakers

Each week it receives many thousands of visits by potential clients from the world

Our English-speaking operators handle hundreds of calls a month

By collaborating with Advocate Abroad, you can start receiving enquiries today!

Harnessing Future-Proof Technologies

We've spent 15 years perfecting our on-line marketing and business processes

These processes identify and filter-out low quality enquiries, ensuring you only receive the highest quality leads

You can seamlessly connect your electronic agenda, to schedule client calls at a time convenient to you

Via our bespoke CRM system, you can access 1000's of templates that dramatically improve the success of your client calls, and make sending a professional proposal as simple a mouse-click

We are constantly evolving, and currently we are in the process of integrating Artificial Intelligence to increase your efficiency and improve results even further

Network with Professionals around the World

As a member of the Advocate Abroad network, you gain access to a powerful platform that connects you with colleagues and clients worldwide, facilitating seamless referrals and collaborative opportunities.

Easily refer clients to and receive referrals from fellow professionals across various disciplines, ensuring comprehensive service for international clientele.

Benefit from our Client Referral Module, which rewards you for both referring clients and receiving referrals

Enhance your credibility by being part of a respected global network boosts your professional reputation and credibility.

Our Global Reach allows businesses needing English-speaking professionals worldwide can easily find and connect with you through our network.

Risk-Free Services with Advocate Abroad

Our revenue model involves a small commission only - after successful client referrals, with members billing clients directly. As a registered and regulated law firm, we may operate this way for joint enterprise clients.

This ensures you maximise your earnings, as we prioritise your success over increasing partner numbers. This unique business model means our success is directly tied to yours.

With limited numbers of partners, Advocate Abroad can also more effectively protect and enhance its Brand Reputation. Win-Win!

So, are you Interested?

What do the current lawyer members think of Advocate Abroad?
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Rodanthi from Athens, Greece

The English-speaking clients I receive from Advocate Abroad often recommend our services to friends meaning more business for me!

Francisco from Córdoba, Spain

I find the language revision tools very useful. I am a professional in Spain and so I want to be considered a professional in English too.

Inma from Murcia, Spain

Using the Advocate Abroad Client Management Software is very easy and I just wish we could use it for our own clients as well.

Michael from Marseille, France

Having an operator to take a message for me is great as I am often out of the office. I can then contact the client when I am free.

Recently registered

Sílvio R. - Accountant, Portugal

Registered: Jun 06, 2024

Luka V. - Lawyer, Croatia

Registered: Jun 06, 2024

Raul A. - Lawyer, Romania

Registered: May 21, 2024

Sameh S. - Estate Agent, Spain

Registered: May 16, 2024

Hande E. - Estate Agent, Turkey

Registered: Apr 27, 2024

Belen P. - Estate Agent, Spain

Registered: Mar 13, 2024

Antonio M. - Architect, Andalucia

Registered: Mar 05, 2024

Daniel M. - Lawyer, Spain

Registered: Feb 15, 2024

Rositsa K. - Lawyer, Bulgaria

Registered: Feb 13, 2024

Carolina A. - Lawyer, Portugal

Registered: Feb 07, 2024

Joana A. - Lawyer, Yvelines

Registered: Jan 07, 2024

Takács R. - Lawyer, Hungary

Registered: Dec 10, 2023

Lidia N. - Lawyer, Spain

Registered: Oct 17, 2023

David E. - Lawyer, Spain

Registered: Oct 02, 2023

Juan A. - Lawyer, Community of Madrid

Registered: Sep 29, 2023

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