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Tonia, Accountant in Athens...
Tonia has been providing taxation and associated services to English-speakers in Greece for over 15 years. She additionally provides customized high-level citizen and public administration services. She speaks Greek and English and, while located in the Athens area, she provides tax services to individuals and companies alike, across Greece.
Tonia was very helpful and clear with the process, she's always responsive in a quick time, very professional
02 Aug 2023
Speaks languages Speaks GreekSpeaks English

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Established more than
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Present in 20
European Countries
Over 30,000 client enquiries
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Business Law & Accounting Services

Without me asking, he spoted an opportunity for me to get financial help from the state when I lost my sole client (as an autonoma). I wasn't even aware that I could qualify for this because I thought my specific case didn't apply. He indicated how to contact the relevant people. I have al ... [read more]

Martina (08 Feb 2024)

Tax Returns & Fiscal Services

ilaria provided guidance with a complex problem.

John Simeone (10 Jul 2023)

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