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Sarunas, Lawyer in Vilnius...
Saraunas specialises in providing business law advice & litigation, debt collection / bankruptcy / restructuring law as well as alternative dispute resolution.
Fast response, super polite, I got just the info I needed and Sarunas explained in a good way and really knows his facts.
Elin Stensdotter
Elin Stensdotter
17 Aug 2022
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Looking for reliable Lawyers in Lithuania?

Searching for reliable lawyers in Lithuania?

Our Lithuanian lawyers are at your disposal, especially if you're an expat in need of legal counsel. Our English-speaking lawyers are proficient in Lithuanian and international law. We realise that navigating foreign laws can be intricate and stressful. That's why we’re here to simplify the ordeal.

We provide an array of legal services that expats commonly need assistance with. This encompasses aid with:

  • Purchasing, selling or inheriting real estate,
    family law issues,
    Administrative processes
  • Employment law,
  • Litigation.

In addition to legal matters, our lawyers are also capable of aiding expats in managing taxes, and founding a business in Lithuania.

Our Lithuanian lawyers are keen on making sure you fully grasp the legal procedure and that all documentation is managed accurately - so you don’t have to deal with Lithuanian bureaucracy.

With a deep understanding of the legal hurdles expats encounter, we are committed to offering clear, uncomplicated legal advice and backing. 

Our English-speaking lawyers in Lithuania are merely a call away to help you with your legal needs, ensuring you can address any legal challenge in Lithuania with assurance and the right support!

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