Self-employed Set-Up Service in Cordoba

    • With over 10 years experience providing expert legal advice and representation to English-speaking clients Francisco is a seasoned professional whose primary focus is to ensure his clients' interests are protected. The following legal services are offered: Real Estate Conveyances, Contract law, Inheritance , Family Law, Tax & Fiscal Advice to Businesses.
      Cases completed: 97
      Testimonials for Francisco
      • Nathalie Haumont
        Nathalie Haumont, Fuengirola

        My lawyer francisco was extremely helpful, he couldn't have done more.

        Sep 12, 2019
      • Nathalie Haumont
        Nathalie Haumont, Fuengirola

        I was very happy with the lawyer very efficient professional and very helpful. I have more clients probably going to spain and I shall recommend his services

        Sep 03, 2019
      • Irene Hyde Christie
        Irene Hyde Christie, Coin

        I am very pleased with the service provided by Francisco. He has been most helpful and responded very quickly to all my emails.

        Jul 26, 2019
      • Dave Naylor
        Dave Naylor, Fuengirola

        Angela was extremely friendly and helpful in a difficult situation.

        She quickly understood our circumstances and had prepared all the appropriate paperwork in both English and Spanish and prepared the Notary by the time we arrived for our appointment.

        Unfortunately, due to a change in circumstance on our part, we were unable to follow the process through to completion but should circumstances change, or any other legal matters arise, we will definitely ask for her assistance once again.

        We would happily use her services again. Five stars!

        Jun 25, 2019
      • Ian Wilk
        Ian Wilk, Fuengirola

        Francisco was extremely helpful. Very satisfied with the service. I would definitely recommend it to friends.

        Apr 12, 2019
      • Kirstin Stokes
        Kirstin Stokes, St Andrews, Scotland

        Francisco advised and managed our recent property purchase in Fuengirola with such friendly professionalism that the whole process was effortless, smooth and completely stress-free!

        Francisco was great at responding to our many questions, quickly addressing any concerns we had and resolving issues judiciously. His advice and guidance has been invaluable and the service provided, from start to completion, has been excellent and great value for money. We are more than happy to recommend Francisco to friends, family and all. Paul & Kirstin, Scotland.

        First class in all aspects.

        Mar 20, 2019
      • Marcus Bond
        Marcus Bond, Fuengirola

        Proactive, great communication, thoroughly recommend.

        Feb 14, 2019
      • Jane Evanson
        Jane Evanson, London, UK

        Francisco was very helpful and professional. I was very happy with the advice and service.

        Oct 09, 2018
      • Martha Kimes
        Martha Kimes, Scottsdale, Arizona USA

        Francisco was incredibly responsive (and quick).

        Unlike American attorneys (and I know, because I am one), he didn't even bill me for a few follow-up emails/calls that he made on my behalf which he easily could have done.

        I was supremely happy with his legal services.

        Oct 02, 2018
      • Tauri
        Tauri, Estonia

        Very satisfied with the service. Francisco is bilingual English-Spanish and was always quick to respond and was very professional at all times.

        Sep 25, 2018
      • Michael Bates
        Michael Bates, UK

        Francisco was very easy to deal with. Very professional. Would not hesitate to recommend him to friends.

        Jul 27, 2018
      • KJB
        KJB, United Kingdom

        Francisco was professional and efficient. Very good value for money.

        Apr 20, 2018
      • Nigel Bateman (Fuengirola)
        Nigel Bateman (Fuengirola)

        Excellent service, very reasonable, fluent English and totally professional. I would not hesitate to recommend this highly skilled team.

        Apr 09, 2018
      • DP
        DP, United States

        He has been very attentive, efficient, and always anticipates our needs in a timely manner.

        We enjoy working with him and look forward to other future business arrangements when needed.

        Jan 03, 2018
      • Jeremi Hazan
        Jeremi Hazan, Israel

        Francisco is a good men and honest. Did the job perfect.

        Dec 21, 2017
      • Sarah Finnagan
        Sarah Finnagan, England

        Francisco was fantastic and helped me through every single step and helping understanding everything.

        Price was very reasonable i have no complaints at all.

        Very easy to get hold of and very quick at responding would definitely go back to him - thankyou so much Francisco for everything.

        Sep 21, 2017
      • Nada Fairris
        Nada Fairris, Fuengirola

        100% Responsive, understanding, value for money, approachable, professional and very efficient.

        Thank you Ana Belèn.

        Sep 01, 2017
      • JP
        JP, Ireland

        From the outset, Rosa clearly explained the services.

        Buying a property abroad is a daunting experience but she made it very easy to understand. Anything that Rosa said she would do/carry out was done immediately. The whole process was carried out efficiently, effectively and without delays.

        Without having met Rosa personally, her whole approach was friendly, professional and helpful. Any questions we had were answered promptly. We would highly recommend Rosa to any prospective clients.

        When we finally met Rosa in person, she was lovely. We would have no hesitation in recommending Rosa.

        Aug 17, 2017
      • Mr KJB
        Mr KJB, Cordoba

        Francisco is still finalising some business for us but we are happy to give feedback now. He has provided us with the highest level of legal advice and made the whole process relatively easy for us and without undue stress.

        He was quick to respond and gave his advice in a very logical way and got to the point without fuss. His conversational and written English is first class!

        He carried his authority very professionally especially when having to deal with some difficult people (not us!) and he was able to bring the matter to a successful conclusion within a few weeks as opposed to many months had we done it alone.

        We could not have wished for a better lawyer to take us through a complicated process.

        Thank you Francisco!

        Jul 31, 2017
      • Aziz Oudjida
        Aziz Oudjida, Mijas Flores

        We couldn't have hoped for better lawyer than Mr Francisco. He is always responsive, always available and approachable, with a remarkable ability to explain and provide legal solution. But more important, he strikes me as a very good and genuine person, honest and very competent.

        I can say without a doubt in my mind that Mr Francisco stand well above all these lawyers.

        Jun 02, 2017
      • JP
        JP, Germany

        Francisco was extremely helpful, couldn’t have done more.

        I am very satisfied and I definitely use the same lawyer again in the future.

        Apr 10, 2017
      • Martin Petersen
        Martin Petersen, Fuengirola

        Francisco was extremely helpful.

        Very good value for money, and good at taking his time to understand my situation, and understanding my needs.

        Mar 30, 2017
      • Mrs. J.B.
        Mrs. J.B., Cordoba

        Welcoming manner and kind comments about the fact. Extremely approachable.

        Highly competent understanding of and patient explanations regarding my many questions.

        Very fairly priced to do with the making of a Will.

        Jan 12, 2017
      • Mrs. Irene C Price
        Mrs. Irene C Price, Acton Trussell

        It was a pleasure to deal with Francisco. He spoke excellent English. He was professional and courteous at all times, and responded to any queries I had by return, taking time to explain complicated legal procedure in a manner I could understand.

        For the work Francisco did, his charges were good value for money. I would recommend his services without hesitation.

        Oct 12, 2016
      • Michael Anthony
        Michael Anthony, Malaysia

        I found Francisco to be very understanding of my needs and was able to discuss frankly with him on sensitive and personal matters.

        I found Francisco to be extremely professional, helpful, knowledgeable and importantly very approachable. I would certainly recommend him to anyone who needed such services and I would certainly use him and his law firm again if the need arose.

        Aug 19, 2016
      • Elena
        Elena, Australia

        Rosa was straightforward, friendly, polite and cheap.

        I was very satisfied and I definitely would use the same lawyer again in the future.

        Jun 14, 2016
      • Brian Thomas
        Brian Thomas, Priego

        A very fast response to my inquiry, Francisco has excellent English and gave us a very friendly and professional service that we feel was value for money.

        We do recommend him to our friends.

        Oct 31, 2015
      • Peter Gural
        Peter Gural, La Linea

        What I liked about this service: Value for money.

        The level of professionalism and excellence in service was not compromised in the reasonably low fee charged for the service.

        All details were explained in a simple format that an ordinary citizen could understand, sparing the bureaucratic procedure that only lawyers can understand.

        Oct 08, 2015
      • HLB
        HLB, Switzerland

        Francisco was very helpful, always happy to assist.

        I would describe him as a very good lawyer.

        Always responsive.

        Sep 25, 2015
      • Michael Rieger-Goroncy
        Michael Rieger-Goroncy, Munich

        Our lawyer (Francisco) was very responsive. In a complex matter it needed some additional explanation via email until he fully understood what we were talking about, but then he understood the case and gave us very good and helpful advice.

        In the end he recommended not to proceed with the case which we followed. It was absolutely good value for the money we paid.

        Aug 10, 2015
      • Mustafa Gural
        Mustafa Gural, La Linea

        Francisco provided a service to me not just as a client but also as though he was helping a family member.

        His friendliness, professionalism, sincerety and many more qualities is something I am yet to find in a lawyer or any other professional. I can’t thank him enough for his excellent service.

        Aug 03, 2015
      • Eric Blair Russell
        Eric Blair Russell, Canada

        My lawyer was efficient, professional and prompt – as well as being bilingual.

        I was very satisfied with his work and would be happy to use his service again in the future.

        May 25, 2015
      • Derek Mendonca
        Derek Mendonca, London

        I was very impressed with the service received, in particular:

        Transparency, effective communication, professionalism and value for money.

        I myself am a chartered accountant in the UK so I have very high standards from other professionals which I am glad to say were met by Francisco.

        Apr 28, 2015
      • Chris Clarke
        Chris Clarke, Calahonda

        My lawyer Francisco was very helpful.

        We had some unanticipated problems and the lawyer gave extra to sort them out – he emailed, texted or phoned all the way until the end. Overall I was very satisfied with the service provided

        Mar 12, 2015
      • M.D.
        M.D., Puerto Banus

        The solicitor provided was bilingual. He was extremely helpful and couldn’t have done more for me.

        The service provided was effective and he kept me up to date as to the progress.

        Oct 18, 2014
      • JP
        JP, Oliva

        I was very satisfied with the service provided by my lawyer. He spoke English more or less fluently and he was very helpful - always happy to assist.

        I would happily use his services in the future.

        Sep 19, 2014
      • Keith & Sandra Brown
        Keith & Sandra Brown, Villaviciosa

        Our lawyer was friendly and helpful with a very good command of the English language.

        Even payment for their services could be paid, by bank transfer, directly into their nominated bank account.

        We would definitely use their services again whenever necessary.

        Aug 07, 2014

Self-employed Set-Up Service

Who is this Service for?

This is the most inexpensive way to set up a business.

You will be self-employed and work within a simple structure implying little bureaucracy in which, basically, you are paid with the profits of your business. You will not be considered as an employee, and will have less social benefits than you would as a regular employee. You will be liable for any and all losses incurred by the business.


Self-Employed Set-Up & Tax Service in Spain

Your are focused on your business in Spain which is why you need your tax and accounting matters to be as straightforward, cost-effective and hassle-free as possible.

Our English-speaking lawyers and accountants will take care of all registration and day-to-day issues relating to Spanish tax, social security and accounting matters. Which leaves you with all the time you need to dedicate to your business.


Our Experts

Our consultants are registered and regulated by the local Law Society and/or equivalent Accountancy body, and speak English fluently. Therefore, you can be sure that you will obtain timely answers to any queries you may have, in a language that you understand!


What does this Service Consist of?

Our English-speaking consultants will answer your questions about how Spanish law affects your business and then make sure you comply with Spanish legal requirements relating to legally constituting a business. This will normally require at least some of the following services:

  • Registration with the AEAT (Spanish Tax Authority) and the Social Security System
  • Help you to choose the right business name.
  • Business address (whether it will be only for correspondence or you will really make your business there).
  • Recommendation on the most appropriate fiscal arrangement to ensure taxation levels are optimised
  • Resolution of tax enquiries related to your professional activity
  • Completion and presentation of all required tax returns
  • Maintenance of all legally required records (income, expenses, invoicing,assets)
  • Updates on any legislative changes affecting your professional activity 



This service costs from €60 per calendar month


Additional Services

The Self-Employed Set-Up and Tax Service is ideal for an individual sole trader who is planning to work alone. But, should you later add employees to your expanding business then you will want to add the Fully Managed HR & Payroll Service:

Fully Managed HR & Payroll Service

This service includes the following components:

  • Initial Set-up according to client's requirements
  • Production of Employee Payslips (printed at client site)
  • Management & Payment of Employer & Employee Social Security Contributions
  • Registration and Removal of Employees from Social Security system

This service costs €25 per month for the first employee and €20 per additional employee.

All prices are ex-IVA (@ 21%).


60 Office Locations Across Spain

With 60 individual office locations throughout the Iberian peninsula and the islands, and 6 tax specialist centres we are able to offer a truly nationwide service to English-speakers wherever they are located in Spain.

Code of Reasonable Fees

Our clients can expect to receive a quotation that is at or below the recommended guideline prices by our local Professional Body.

Free Support Services Included

When combined with the free and innovative Advocate Abroad support services you can be sure that you are obtaining completely transparent legal services from registered and regulated English-speaking lawyers abroad.These support services include:

  • Verification of the regulatory status of your professional.
  • Fees as recommended by the Local Professional Body
  • Fees specified in advance and legally guaranteed.
  • Service levels agreed in advance and guaranteed.
  • All professionals must hold professional indemnity insurance.
  • Professionals' proficiency in English monitored.
  • Continuous quality controls and reviews.
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