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18 Apr 2023

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Business Law & Accounting Services
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Starting Business in Spain - The Process & Costs

Unless moving to Spain from the UK for retirement, under a non-lucrative visa,  an English-speaker will need to have a plan on how to earn an income. Due to language difficulties - barring an internal company transfer - English-speakers may not have many good options of finding a traditional job in Spain.Of course, Brexit has c... Read More

VAT Spain

VAT Rates in SpainVAT in Spain is known as IVA (Impuesto de Valor Añadido) applies to all purchases made in Spain except for those transactions which are exempt and, as in other countries, there are various rates or bands. In Spain, there are in fact three rates:Standard Rate: 21%Reduced Rate: 10%Super Reduced Rate: 4%The Reduc... Read More

Limited Company or Sole Trader in Spain?

So, you have decided that you are starting business in Spain, you know what type of business you want to run and where in Spain you wish to locate it, then the main decision you will need to make is whether you should set it up as a limited company or as a sole trader. This can be extremely important as you can save a considera... Read More

Autonomo Spain - a complete guide for expats

Many businesses in Spain operate as 'autonomos' or 'sole traders' and below you will find a quick guide to the typical tax and other fiscal obligations that you will be required to comply with in order to avoid any problems with the taxman or the Social Security office.Virtually all self-employed people in Spain, especially if t... Read More

Spanish SL - Set Up a Limited Company in Spain

Spanish SLFor anyone starting a business in Spain, the structure of a Spanish SL is the equivalent of a UK limited company and afford director/owners the protection of the corporate veil. It it the appropriate corporate vehicle for anyone setting-up a business in Spain who requires either limited liability protection or a more c... Read More

Company Formation in Spain

Getting the Right People for the JobCompany formation in Spain is unfortunately more complex and time-consuming than is the case in the UK and other Anglo-saxon jurisdictions. The first and most important step to ensuring the long-term viability of your new business in Spain is to get the right help and advice from those with ex... Read More

Setting-up a Diving Business in Spain

Starting business in Spain isn't easy - even less so if you are considering setting-up a diving business. Spain is one of the most popular destinations for the practice of this type of sport, especially in the Canarian archipelago, which due to it’s natural beauty and location, generates a great deal of interest for this type ... Read More

Simplified license application process for new businesses Extended

The new application process for licensed business activities in Spain, often referred to as the 'express license' process - which removes the requirement to apply for a license for specific types of establishment before commencing trading - is to be extended to new businesses with larger  premises.The measure was introduced in ... Read More

Spanish limited company Set-up

Paying Over the Odds For Services In SpainAll too often, foreign (i.e. non-Spanish) business people pay too much for services in Spain. This has been the case since Spain first became an attractive destination for Northern Europeans to settle down, and unfortunately continues today.Attempts have been made to justify this by argu... Read More

Self-employed in Spain: Expenses if Working From Home

Either through choice or by necessity a large percentage of the self-employed or 'autonomos' in Spain choose to work from home. That being the case, it is of course important to be aware of those expenses that can be claimed and used to reduce profits and therefore income tax.It is also important to be aware of those that may no... Read More

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