Company Formation in Spain

Our company formation specialists and accountants can assist you at any one of Advocate Abroad's 50 offices across mainland Spain and the islands
Article Published: 17 Dec, 2018, Updated: 08 Oct, 2023 under Tax & Accounting Services (Self-Employed)

Getting the Right People for the Job

Company formation in Spain is unfortunately more complex and time-consuming than is the case in the UK and other Anglo-saxon jurisdictions. The first and most important step to ensuring the long-term viability of your new business in Spain is to get the right help and advice from those with experience and knowledge of the business environment you are going to be facing.

Advocate Abroad’s network of tax lawyers and accountants are seasoned experts at helping English-speakers set-up businesses in Spain in those sectors that expats tend to open– from IT Companies to Restaurants, from plumbers to Diving Schools. We understand your business and we are motivated to help you succeed.

Our business set-up specialist lawyers and accountants can assist you at any one of Advocate Abroad's 60 offices across mainland Spain and the islands.


Sole Trader v Limited Company

Before providing in-depth details of our services it is first necessary to determine whether you need a limited company in Spain or if registering as an 'autonomo' or sole trader is more appropriate.

The main advantages and disadvantages of each form of business are described in the article: Starting a Business in Spain: Sole trader vs Ltd Company.



60 Office Locations Across Spain

With 60 individual office locations throughout the Iberian peninsula and the islands, and 6 tax specialist centres we are able to offer a truly nationwide service to English-speakers wherever they are located in Spain.

Our Accountants

Ivanushkin, Accountant in Alicante...
Denis provides expert fiscal and tax advice to local and international companies as well as self-employed individuals - ensuring tax compliance at all times and avoiding any issues with the Spanish tax authorities.
Denis was happy to call me and discuss my situation before sending a proposal. His English is excellent and explained everything really well. The service he provides is very good value for money and I would not hesitate to recommend him!
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Makis Fidanis
16 Nov 2022
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