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Joanne, really took the time to explain the process and the best way to fulfill our requests. She was very good at communicating timelines and what was to be expected. She worked quickly to make sure we completed our process.
Flavia Krause
Flavia Krause
28 Mar 2024

Service Details

Arrest Warrant Check

This service is available across Portugal

Who Is This Service For?

Our Arrest Warrant Assessment service is specifically designed for individuals concerned about potential legal issues in Portugal. 

This includes expats, business professionals, and travellers who need assurance of their legal status before entering or conducting business in Portugal. 

It is particularly beneficial for those with past interactions with the Portuguese legal system, or for anyone needing clarity on their current legal standing in Portugal.

Who Is This Service For?

Procedure: Our Approach

  1. Thorough Legal Verification: Conducting a comprehensive search for any arrest warrants in Portugal.
  2. Customized Support: Offering tailored guidance based on your specific legal history and circumstances.
  3. Legal Representation and Counselling: Providing legal assistance and representation if required.
  4. Continuous Communication: Keeping clients informed at every step of the process.
Procedure: Our Approach

Advantages of this Service

  • Certainty and Security: Provides clients with peace of mind regarding their legal status in Portugal.
  • Expertise in Portuguese Law: Access to professionals proficient in the complexities of the Portuguese legal framework.
  • Complete Discretion: Ensures absolute confidentiality throughout the process.
  • Proactive Legal Solutions: Aids in resolving legal issues before they become problematic.
Advantages of this Service

Service Components

  1. Initial Evaluation: We conduct a detailed consultation to understand your specific situation, including any past legal encounters in Portugal.
  2. Extensive Legal Inquiry: Our team performs an exhaustive search through Portuguese legal systems and liaises with relevant authorities to check for any outstanding arrest warrants.
  3. Professional Legal Advice: In the event of discovering any warrants, we offer expert legal guidance and support, including potential resolution strategies.
  4. Confidentiality Assurance: Privacy and discretion are paramount throughout our service.
Service Components

Free Support Services Included

When combined with the free and innovative Advocate Abroad support services you can be sure that you are obtaining completely transparent legal services from registered and regulated English-speaking lawyers abroad.These support services include:

  • Verification of the regulatory status of your professional.
  • Fees as recommended by the Local Professional Body
  • Fees specified in advance and legally guaranteed.
  • Service levels agreed in advance and guaranteed.
  • All professionals must hold professional indemnity insurance.
  • Professionals' proficiency in English monitored.
  • Continuous quality controls and reviews.

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