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Anxiety and worries over the SEF Meeting....ALL GONE :):):) Teresa was fantastic. She got the job done. If not for COVID-19 I would have given her a big hug. I want to tell all of my expat friends...."please take a fiscal rep with you to your SEF appointment and I know just the person." :))
Cleta Germany, Porto
Cleta Germany
30 Aug 2021

Service Details

Fiscal Representative

This service is available across Portugal

Who Is This Service For?

A Portuguese taxpayer ID number ("NIF") is absolutely necessary for anyone intending to conduct a transaction subject to registration in Portugal, from the purchase of insurance to purchasing or rental of real estate.

​If the taxpayer (individuals or businesses) is not EU-resident it is compulsory to also appoint a resident tax representative. We act as tax representative in Portugal of non-resident individuals and businesses and assist them with complying with Portugal tax regulations.

Non EU residents need a fiscal representative to request the number and to be registered on their behalf for the receipt of tax department correspondence.

The Fiscal Representative is legally responsible for informing the taxpayer regardiing tax obligations and other charges, ensuring contact with the Tax Agency, informing the taxpayer of fiscal requirements and ensuring that payment is made within deadlines.

What Does This Service Consist Of?

  • Requesting the NIF ID number on your behalf
  • Receiving notifications from the Tax Agency in your name and informing you of same
  • Guidance on tax obligations
  • Ensure payment of the taxes within the deadlines established by law.


Free Support Services Included

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