Why Do You Need a Fiscal Representative in Portugal

Your Fiscal representative in Portugal represents you before the tax office and is responsible for some tax obligations and communications.
Article Last Updated: 08 Oct, 2023 under Fiscal Representative

We often say that in Portugal you need a NIF number for everything, and it is true!

If you wish to obtain a Portuguese Tax Number (NIF) and if you live abroad you may need to appoint a tax representative. You need to appoint a Fiscal Representative if you are a non-resident, non-EU national with interests in Portugal - for example, you own a property or a bank account here.

The process is simultaneous to the NIF creation. With the present restrictions we find it is very convenient for our clients to hire our services to get the NIF number and register as tax representatives at the Finanças Portal (tax office). We can complete this process and service within a short time-frame.

Our objective is to provide the perfect start to your life in Portugal, while you still do not hold a permanent address either with a rental contract of as a property owner.

The fiscal representative represents you before the tax office and is responsible for complying with some tax obligations, and for all the communications with the tax office.

1. Fiscal Representative Portugal: Why use a registered lawyer?

This means you really need someone trustworthy, a Portuguese speaking professional that can easily communicate with the Tax Authorities on your behalf and, often a convenient option is to hire a registered lawyer. Why?

Lawyers in Portugal hold professional insurance that goes up to a minimum of 150.000 €, something that other professionals can’t guarantee. Many people tend to appoint an English speaking friend, an accountant, the landlord or even the estate agent.

Although this is accepted, it not advisable as these people - while well-intentioned - are not legal experts, and may well not understand completely your legal obligations, and sometimes don’t fully understand the notices they receive on your behalf.

Some clients have told us of losing hundreds of Euros because of a miscommunications with the tax office, due to the fact the tax representative was not aware of the need to comply with a few legal obligations.

Therefore, appoint a tax representative you trust, that understands and communicates both Portuguese and English in order to facilitate the communication between the tax office and the client.

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