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Rosa has provided me legal guidance and assistance for over 10 years, and I couldn't be happier with her service. Attentive, cordial and thorough in her work, there truly are not enough adjectives to describe the excellent service she provides. I feel very fortunate to have found Rosa in order to help me navigate the at-times tricky legal processes here in Spain.
Ted Purdom, Mallorca
Ted Purdom
31 Jul 2023
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Certificate Applications

This service is available across Spain

Who Is This Service For?

This service is designed for individuals seeking to obtain vital records in Spain, namely birth certificates, marriage certificates, or death certificates. 

Clients often include expats, descendants of Spanish nationals, individuals engaged in legal procedures requiring these documents, or those handling estates of deceased relatives. 

The process can be daunting, especially for those unfamiliar with Spain's bureaucratic system or the Spanish language. 

Many clients face challenges in navigating Spanish public offices, understanding legal requirements, and dealing with time-consuming procedures. 

Our service addresses these issues by providing expert guidance, simplifying the process, and ensuring accurate and timely acquisition of these essential documents.


The procedure involves several key steps. 

  • First, we identify the specific type of certificate needed (birth, marriage, or death) and gather necessary personal details. 
  • We then determine the appropriate civil registry office in Spain based on the event's location. 
  • Subsequently, we prepare and submit the request, either online or in person, depending on the registry’s requirements. 
  • This may include filling out specific forms and providing supporting documents. 
  • Throughout the process, we maintain communication with the relevant authorities and the client, ensuring that any additional requests or clarifications are promptly addressed. 
  • Once the certificate is issued, we handle its collection and secure delivery to the client.


Upon completion of this service, clients gain several significant benefits:

  1. Firstly, they receive the required official documents without the stress and confusion often associated with navigating foreign bureaucratic systems. This can be crucial for legal processes, inheritance matters, or citizenship applications. 
  2. Secondly, the efficiency of the service saves clients time and potential travel expenses. 
  3. Additionally, having these documents properly authenticated and translated, if needed, facilitates their acceptance in legal proceedings both in Spain and abroad.

What Does This Service Consist Of?

  1. Initial Consultation: Understanding the client's specific needs and requirements for the birth, marriage, or death certificate.
  2. Document Gathering: Assisting the client in collecting necessary personal information and, if applicable, proof of relationship.
  3. Application Preparation: Filling out relevant forms and preparing the application package.
  4. Submission: Submitting the request to the appropriate civil registry in Spain, either online or in person.
  5. Follow-up: Regularly communicating with the registry office and the client to address any issues or additional requirements.
  6. Receipt and Verification: Collecting the issued certificate and verifying its correctness.
  7. Translation and Legalization (if required): Ensuring the document is accurately translated and legalized for use in international contexts.
  8. Delivery: Arranging the secure delivery of the certificate to the client.

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