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Administrative & Employment Matters

Administrative & Employment Matters
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Criminal Record Check Spain

What is a Criminal Record Certificate?A Criminal Record Certificate in Spain - also referred to as a Police Clearance Certificate - is known as the “Certificado de Antecedentes Penales,” in Spanish, and is an official document issued by the Spanish authorities, specifically the Ministry of Justice. It provides a record of an... Read More

How to get an official Spanish Birth Certificate

The Spanish birth certificate (Certificado de nacimiento) is a document issued by the Registrar or acting Registrar of the corresponding Civil Register (Registro civil) or Consular Register (Registro consular) which certifies the birth, the date it occurred, as well as the gender and, when appropriate the time of the birth and t... Read More

Employment Law in Spain: Redundancy for "Economic Reasons"

Due to the economic situation that Spain has gone through in the last few years, and the pressure that the Government has come under to liberalise employment laws, a number of important changes to Employment law in Spain were made in 2012 and 2013, which made the dismissal of employees for economic reasons relatively easier for ... Read More

Getting fired in Spain

Getting Fired in Spain - your legal rights and employer obligationsIn Spain, the legal framework outlines several types of employee dismissal, each with its unique characteristics and implications. It is crucial for employers and employees alike to comprehend these distinctions to ensure lawful termination of employment contract... Read More

Missed Court date in Spain

A common occurrence in Spain is that a non-resident, who has been arrested in Spain and then freed on remand, misses a court date. Normally this is because of problems relating to communicating the court dates to defendants who live abroad, difficulties in travelling to Spain to appear in the court proceedings etc. In those cas... Read More

Spanish Marriage Certificates

The Spanish Marriage Certificate is a document issued by the Civil Registry manager, which certifies the act of marriage and the date, time and locality it took place. Digital marriage certificates can also be issued with a digital stamp from the Department of Registries and Notaries reflecting the data in the central database o... Read More

Severance Pay in Spain

Unfortunately, for many non-Spanish living and working in Spain, they find employment - at least initially - in jobs with irregular working patterns in hospitality and other industries dependant upon seasonal fluctuations such as tourism. This can lead to rather higher frequencies of redundancies as a result of the precarious na... Read More

Legalised Marriage Certificates

What is a Legalised Marriage Certificate?A legalised marriage certificate is an 'authorised' legitimate copy of a marriage certificate.To obtain a legalised certificate requires an authorised copy to be ordered from the registry office and then the Government Foreign Office or Foreign Affairs department in the relevant country a... Read More

Opening a Bank Account in Spain? Do you need to bother?

Banking services in SpainSimilar to other countries, the Spanish banking system has seen a wave of consolidation with some banks being taken over by bigger rivals and the number of local branches being reduced in an effort to reduce costs and - so the banks say - to reflect better the way clients use their Spanish bank accounts ... Read More

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